Brown Pebbles.

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About progress in a town in India,hill stations,products,the impact ,tourist places,the thoughts and imagination of a rider while commuting in the Himalayan hills.The emerging local markets.

Brown Pebbles.

Brown Pebbles.
Time is always passing...its the 21st century but
just the clock...the display has gone digital.Time was
,is and will be morning,noon and evening.Time is how
well we use it.Before people use to get up as the cock
crows in the morning hours.Both the abstract and the
physical...awaken! or still dreaming.

Shelf life of various products.Tea stalls,cold drinks,cars,
travellers,passengers,highway and a sip of cold drink.Fork road
ahead.Passengers having snacks in the junction.The river flows
down to the edge of the road.Labourers trying to concretize,lay
pavements and drains.Local delicacies and biscuits adorned the shops
in the road.I am told by a friend of mine that transportation using pick-up
is very difficult.There are local vendors selling fruits,pickles and bamboo shoots
As I remember some strangers saying that grocery shop is like jewelery costly!

Say that business starts with a cup of tea...well how much money do
you save.From local to mainland delicacies.From fooding to lodging
.You go the merry go round and reach your destination.
Even though I am not sight searches for street foods.Although
its cold out here.Even though things are not fresh they look oven fresh.Can a woman
who sits on a wooden stool in the ground may make better rice cakes although
she doesn't sit in a shop.

Street food is like nectar...but too much does harm to the bowels.
Local delicacies are no more the same old.They look local,but doesn't taste like it.

What does the basics of shares,unit and debentures tell or are you still
browsing through poetry and computer networks.
Talking about transaction...don't you think that the account number and the amount matter most.
A single window can't handle too many customers.Customers are in the market and at home.Will imagination and the ATM bring another revolution...or invention.

I always make mistakes with wallet and a purse.Maybe its lack of contemplation. Few people remind me of the difference.Is honesty like a scale within a person...does it need to be balanced.Because for a satisfied customer 'value is how much money you have'.

During school days in Karate classes I always failed in sparings and when
it comes to kata-it ended with lot of mistakes.It was a no win situation for me.All I remember now is the
word 'arithmos' which mean numbers and the word 'interest'.
'Better to bend than break'.Now when I try writing about the ifs and buts of a small trader,a cyber cafe
owner and a rowdy who has a smartphone.There is a relation.The various company names,the choices,the demands,
the budget and the present scenario.If the heart is pure and concentration like a burning flame which lit the
dark.Can the image of concentric circles help me concentrate well when I am riding my motorcycle.
In school days I liked dancing with my friends.Those days of recorders,torch lights and hot shot cameras.Now
you have the memory card,the mp4 players,bluetooth and wireless.
How will I relate the life of a rowdy sleeping inside the mosquito net and the prayer book in the shelf.

Talking about shopping and experiences...a.m. and p.m. are like the missing words in a paragrah...just fill
in the blanks.Longitude and latitude are like songs in a textbook.Application and internet like beats of today.
Minutes,seconds and split seconds are what every browsers anticipate.'Old is gold',but not too everything is wrong...wonder how
many more.But every mistakes give place to varied search for solution and sometimes improvement.
Can fiction give a chance to real time solution.Is or could science be the bridge between two views apart in the same world?
Will we fly someday like we drive/ride our vehicle.I mean flying to the nearby shopping center like riding in the town and cities at affordable prices.

By Mr.Riku Tage.
Arunachal Pradesh.


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