Bricks slips are an affordable option for cladding!

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Brick slips are a bit thick of original facing bricks and possess same properties as original bricks have. Brick slips are very light in weight and are very easy to install as well as are a cost-effective solution for exterior cladding. They appear same as original bricks and are available in different styles and colors.

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Benefits of Brick Slip

Brick slips are a fantastic material which saves a lot of space and help to make up existing entrances. They are thin and do not require any adjustment costs when applied on exterior walls because doors and windows are maintained to their regular adjustments.

Similarly these thin Brick Veneer are equally suitable for interior walls because when these bricks are applied, less space is used. However, when it is about installing bricks on walls, it is important to take professional assistance from a Brick Slip Suppliers UK in order to be effective with the process.

Colors and Sizes

As original bricks are available in many sizes and colors, brick slips are also available in a wide variety of colors and sizes because they are cut from original bricks. Original bricks are normally 20 cm in length whereas Brick Slips are thin and are of 2 cm in size.

Quality and Strength

Brick slips are of fantastic strength and are of high quality. As it is said that brick slips are cut from original bricks and that is why they possess the same quality and strength. Bricks slips are thin and don’t have a structural function as well as they are not installed in the way as ordinary facing bricks are installed. However, they are not supported by structural function but still they are frost-resistant.

Are brick slips cost-effective?

Brick slips are cut from ordinary bricks and require some more efforts to form. When an ordinary brick is manufactured, a brick slip is cut from it which means that cutting and handling cost is added making brick slip a bit expensive than the original brick. It is, maybe, not logical to people but that is how brick slips are.

However, even after they are expensive, they are more demanded for exterior as well as interior wall cladding. It is because brick slips are very easy to install and can be applied on walls without making any changes to doors and windows.

Contact us for professional application!

It is quite a good decision to select brick slips for wall cladding but it is however not a good idea to do it on own. Applying thin brick veneer on own without expertise can cost time, efforts and money. Therefore, it is fruitful for you to contact us because we are professional Brick Slip Suppliers UK and offer cost-effective services.

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