Best tips and Elements to Create Great Catalogue and Brochure Designs

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A successful catalogue/brochure design creates a desire for products by appealing to people's emotions.

Best tips and Elements to Create Great Catalogue and Brochure Designs

A successful catalogue/brochure design creates a desire for products by appealing to people's emotions. As catalogues continue to advance in their design and strive to stand out in the market, the following design principles still prove effective in producing sound catalogue or brochure design and selling product. The below useful tips provide you to obtain the best catalogue/brochure design for the successful marketing of your business.
1. Appeal to lifestyle desires: Catalogue or brochure should be created in appealing the customer's desire to attain a particular lifestyle. Images, text and page elements should not only describe the product in sufficient detail that the customers can make a buying decision but it should tell the readers, how this item will help them to achieve the lifestyle they want.
2. Design for the audience: A business to business brochure/catalogue should be different than a business to consumer catalogue. Hence modify your brochure design to appeal to the targeted customers and it should match to their lifestyle desires.
3. Make your product as the centerpiece: You need to maximize the product's image for the greater sales. It is better to show items individually or in small related groups with no background and with a delicate drop shadow. This gives the product to stand out from the clutter of the page and add lifestyle shots with a subtle background for the best design.
4. Use great product photos: Pictures speak more than words hence they draw the attention of the viewers. Use the individual pictures of each product with no background in catalogues. The pictures should be full of light and have vivid colors.
5. Choose appropriate typography and right format: You must include clear description of the products. In order to get clean and consistent look, you should use no more than 2 to 3 fonts throughout your catalogue. It should be in original and standard format to draw the attention of the viewers.
6. Develop your brand image by using consistent layouts and design: Mixing up the spread designs and layout changes from time to time within the catalogue grabs more attention. It keeps the customers engaged in your products.
7. Consider the right type of paper and the amount of pages: It is important to select standard paper within your budget and size of your business. It should be flexible, resistant and does not get damaged. The total number of pages should be multiple of 4 pages, including front and back cover.
8. Develop four-color catalogue/brochure: When the products are presented in full color, they look more attractive, grab more attention and generate more sales than two-color catalogue designs.
9. Choose the type of binding: It is really important for you to have good binding to avoid pages loosening, damage and for catalogues to open properly. You can choose different types of bindings like, case binding, wire, comb, spiral and perfect binding.
10. There are other elements to be followed such as design attractively the front and interior cover, include an order form, maintain balancing act, space allotment, clean and simple. Apart from these, there are other tips like, targeted towards the customers, analyze the results, maintaining unique format and design for economy.

If you follow the above tips and elements, surely you will gain the results. You may think that it is difficult to follow the above rules but no worry this job is made easy through Appedology for the expert brochure design services


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