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The significance of the light in Photography is unarguable. Your source of light and how it falls on your objects has a huge impact on the pictures. The light that illuminates the object behind the camera and points onwards causes shadows.

How to Manipulate Light to Achieve Best Product Photographs?

The light that comes from the sides gives a picture a more dramatic look. The light that falls on the object to be photographed from the back illuminates the object and makes it brighter.

There are many ways of manipulating light to make it fall on a selected portion of the object to achieve the desired effect. The photographers usually make use of reflectors and diffusers to manipulate the light source. The aim is just to achieve the best possible results.

The product photographers in Jaipur who know how to use light to their advantage are able to achieve professional looking imagery and it is the effective utilization of the light that separates their work from their contemporaries.
From what kind of camera you should get to creating desired lighting conditions for achieving best Product Photography Jaipur,here are 8 must tips for any Product Photographer in the world, just take a look.

1. Lighting
The Camera you are using for product photography makes a difference how your pictures look like. So you should definitely get a camera with better resolution. If you are a product photographer and know how to manipulate the light effectively, then it doesn’t matter which camera you are using for shooting objects. Whether you are shooting in low light conditions or shooting moving objects, you should be able to make the effective use of whatever light conditions are available to you.

2. Sunlight

The sunlight is one of the most reliable sources of light for product photography. The only limitation is you can’t control the amount of sunlight illuminating the object to be photographed. You need sunlight to illuminate the objects, but the conditions are overcast. The clouds have completely covered the sky. On the overcast days, the diffuse light is easier to work with and you are able to produce some good quality images.

3. Artificial lights
The artificial lights include many different lights and the most common source are light bulbs. The light bulbs are of various types and the broader two categories are studio lights and traditional lights.

• Traditional Lights
Under traditional lights come the bulbs we use in everyday life in our homes. They can create good photos if manipulated properly. You have two types of traditional lights, fluorescent and incandescent. While making the use of traditional lights whether it is incandescent or fluorescent, always make sure they wattage is good not too dim or not too bright. If you are using multiple lights, then ensure the bulbs are from the same manufacturer and of same colour temperature.

4. Natural daylight bulbs
These are bulbs with a coloured temperature about 5, 000 k and are using in a studio where the natural daylight coming through the windows blends with it. You can close the windows to control the lighting.

The product photography has been used by the companies and service providers across the world for a long time to promote their products and services. The growth of the Digital marketplace has made product photography much more vibrant than the past. The details digital photographs reveal can’t be expected from the analogue photography. The light is the most important factor when it comes to photography. The photography is actually writing with light. For a professional photographer, no light conditions are better or worse. The professional photographer should be able to shoot in any lighting condition.


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