Benefits of Combining Online Business With Social Media

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Business growth online store is now increasingly the increasing sharply as the number of Internet users, as well as the use of social media such as facebook and twitter. In Indonesia alone, the number of users Facebook now has reached 60%. Where most of the facebook users use social media to promote their online business so that the products they sell are known by the public.

Benefits of Combining Online Business With Social Media

One of the functions of social media is as a medium or tool to promote an online business that is very effective for business owners online store. Thus, it is important for business owners to install the widget store online social media twitter and facebook on online business they run. There are several benefits that are obtained by combining the online business with social media, which certainly will benefit the business actors.

Update on Social Media Info Keep Walking

When a business owner online store widget installed social media such as twitter and facebook on their online business, online business then the visitors can see the interaction performed by actors or business owners with the customers. The business visitors online stores do see the timeline and see what is being discussed between the two sides so that other consumers will get a lot of information about what products are sold through your online business.

The information obtained by the purchaser could be giving product discounts, product features or product claims by other buyers. Not only that, the buyer can see the positive testimonials from previous buyers who've been and make purchases on your business's online store.

Consumers can ensure your online business is active

When businesses decide to install the widget facebook and twitter in the online business that they have, then the owner or online businesses must ensure that facebook and twitter that they have active so that the visitors or customers online store will also be able to confirm the truth of the online business they visit. By doing so, the buyer will not hesitate anymore to make purchases in your online business.

Another case if the twitter and facebook are owned by online businesses are not updated the impression that would be obtained by the visitors or customers online business is a skepticism that causes visitors must think two before they decide to make a purchase at the online store you run.

Improving consumer confidence

At the time of the online store business visitors see facebook and twitter also an online business you are active, then the consumer or buyer will not feel shy and hesitate to make purchases because you as an online business owner always provide the latest information about the products on sale and answer all the questions given by the customer online business through social media.

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