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Have a desire to own your own business? Would like to try your hand at creating a supplemental income? Have an idea you would like to pursue? Questions: How much research have you done? Do you know what a "Niche Market" is? Do you know what it will take to be success? Maybe I can help...

My Story

Extra money to pay bills, Take a vacation, career change, etc. These are just some of the things that I thought about and heard from others as reasons to get involved with Online Business and Multi-Level Marketing (MLM). Some years ago, I was looking over my financial status. I shared my findings with my wife and we realized that we were in trouble. With both of us working, we still had more month at the end of the money. At the time, getting more education to pursue promotion opportunities on our jobs were long term goals that wasn't going to put any more money in our account any time soon. We need help and we needed it Yesterday. We decided, we were going to have to find ways we could begin creating additional income ASAP even if it was passive in our spare time which was limited because we were also raising 3 children. From there, our journey into the search for more income began.
First thing I tried was working a part-time job which didn't last long. I was always away from my wife and children and the extra money was "peanuts." We sat down and put our heads together and started trying to think of something we could do together, from home, in our spare time. We began to invest our time and money (what little we had) into one business venture after another. Everything from selling products to babysitting. Nothing was working for us and we soon figured out why: it wasn't the products, it wasn't the services, it was "Us". Let me explain...

So, What'da Ya Know?

Business failure after business failure. Waste of money and waste of time was all we were experiencing. So, we put the breaks on and tried to figure out what was going on. Why were other people we knew having success and we weren't? What were we doing wrong? We soon found out that the problem was we just didn't know what we were doing or how to do it. We were trying to do what we were seeing and hearing others do, but it wasn't working for us. At this point, my wife was done, but I took to the internet to do a little research. I soon learned that I was not alone. I began to join different forums that discussed business ventures and opportunities. Many of the members who were having success and providing advice and insights were those who were involved in MLM and online businesses. The light bulb came on! This I knew I could do. I enjoyed being on the internet and I was computer literate. I started to ask questions to find out what was out there that was working? Which ones paid the most and how fast could I again? I jumped in with both feet: Pay Per Click (PPC), Pay Per View (PPV), reading survey, product testing, posting links, etc. etc. etc. Again, I soon found out that I was on the wrong track. It was obvious I didn't know what I was doing. All I knew was that I needed some money and I was ready to do what it took to get it. But, all I was getting was more "peanuts".

Finding Your "Niche"

Being the kind of person that refuses to give up on something I feel strongly about, I stopped my quest to find a business to get in and started learning the processes of the online business word. I began to learn that there were some common traits among the successful that had nothing to do with chasing the money or getting a quick pay out. But it had everything to do with the individual. Here are a few things that I learned the successful people share:
1. Know yourself. What are you good at? What motivates you? What can you get up everyday and devote your time and energy to even if you're not getting paid to do? Do you enjoy sharing and communicating with others or prefer to work alone? How much time can you devote daily?
2. Find your "Niche" Market. This was a new word to me. When I first heard it, I had to look up the definition. According to Webster's Dictionary, a Niche is (paraphrased) where one is best fitted. It's where you perform and produce well. Another way of saying this every business is not for everybody. You have to find what works for you. What works for who you are, what you enjoy and what you are willing to do.
3. Plan your work and work your plan. This, I've learned is one of the most essential aspects of being successful in business. knowing yourself and finding your niche means nothing if you don't have an active course of action that you pursue daily.
4. Be Selfless. The best way for me to close this article and explain selflessness at the same time is with a couple of my favorite writers: The English Poet John Donne said that no man is an island meaning we are all part of the whole. While the late great motivational speaker (my self proclaimed mentor) Zig Ziglar said it this way (and I quote: "You can have everything in life that you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want."
Thanks for reading and I hope this helps you as much as it has me.


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