Backing Up You eBay Shop Listings

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If you have a large ebay shop, then you really need to create backups of all your listings, especially as eBay occasionally lose them. That way you can relist easily.

How to Backup your eBay Shop Listings

If you are a regular eBay seller with an eBay shop, you will know how easily eBay can lose some of your listings from time to time. This is so frustrating when it comes to re-listing them again. In this article I’ll explain a way you can do this without those expensive eBay tools.

There are two tools that eBay offer to backup your eBay listings, one is in your eBay listings manager which is only available if you subscribe to it (and it’s quite expensive for the small shop owner), or there is the free “Turbolister” tool, which will always keep a backup of your listings on your pc. But in this article I’m going to tell you how to easily backup your listings without any of these tools.

First of all, you will need to download an install “Google Chrome web browser” this is important as it will save your listings by title, whereas other browsers will not. You don’t need to use this browser for anything else unless you wish to.

1. Create a folder on your computer and call it something like “Ebay Backup”. Make this folder in a place on your pc where you can easily find it.
2. Open up Google Chrome and browse to your eBay shop’s main page, this is usually something like where myshop is your stores name.
3. Start from your first category, and click into the first item, your items auction page will display. Wait for the picture to load, then right click your mouse anywhere on the page and choose “save as”. Browse to the folder you created and then click "ok or save". This will save that items page in full to your PC.
4. Now go into your backup folder on the pc and you will notice a new folder and a html file there, click the html file to reopen the page you have just saved, if you go into the folder you will see all the images related to that page 9a lot of them are eBay logos, but you will notice your own pictures also saved there for future use.
5. Repeat the entire progress for all your eBay listings, the next time you lose a listing, just go to your backup folder, find the missing listing, then cut and paste the description, re-upload the pictures, and away you go. This saves you a lot of time re typing everything.

Admittedly, this can be a very long winded job if you have a large eBay store, but once you have done the initial backup, all you need to do is back up new items as you list them.

If you are aware of any other methods of backing up your eBay shop/store, please share it with us here in the comments section below. All suggestions are welcome.

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author avatar Carol
22nd Nov 2010 (#)

thanks for the info

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author avatar Jerry Walch
22nd Nov 2010 (#)

Good information for anyone having an Ebay store or thinking about opening one.

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author avatar Andy
7th Dec 2010 (#)

what happens when you have 12,000 items in your store? do you have to do this ridiculously long winded process 12,000 times or do I use the bulk backup tool like normal people? the other 2 comments are CLEARLY spam comments. Do not use this method.

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author avatar SEMG
29th Dec 2017 (#)

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We create a secure download link for your ZIP archive, store it for 30 days, and mail you a dvd backup copy as well. Its good to not have to worry about your ebay business loosing images or details. With our service, we make sure that does not happen. Peace of mind.

Below is a link to our service.

LISTING BACKUP SERVICE - Images, Descriptions, SKUs, Titles - Digital Download

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author avatar John
27th Apr 2018 (#)

Posting above changed - Have to search ebay for "LISTING BACKUP SERVICE"

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