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This article title is a simple word. but what does it make you think of? Before you think of the answer, analyze the concept for a moment. Attention is the most important reality of research there is, otherwise, everything you do is moot and nothing. That is how important attention is.


Attention is more important even than communication, although it is fully and purely underrated in every way. Don't get me wrong, good communication is most definitely important. But the power of attentive reality and not just attentive behavior is more powerful than anything when concentrated.

Good attention is like the sun's rays concentrated on a magnifying glass, bad attention is like that very same sun's rays creating a skin sunburn and scorching but ultimately doing nothing by the end of the day.

The point to the anecdote on attention above is to show how attention is more important than communication, not to be trite. The most powerful communication with yourself comes from the most concentrated attention.


What is good visualization and memory? It is nothing but wonderfully concentrated attention as well as self-communication. Have you ever thought of that fact? Place yourself in harmony with this reality and you have and control yourself and control real power. But, be in opposition to this reality and you can't even take a walk smoothly or do anything simple smoothly.

In analysis of the realities of the mind and attention, you will find that throughout life that all I am writing and saying is real, honest and true. Sure, we could do things without "that" seriousness and an at least good level of attention, but not too well.

In fact, it takes a good "I", or being to do anything, or nothing above rudimentary consciousness would be possible right down to the basic wheel.


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