Are You Making These Product Description Mistakes?

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Product descriptions are essential when you are selling items online. But there are common mistakes that people make when they are writing their product descriptions for their website. These are some of the most common mistakes I see when I am shopping online.

What I see many times in online stores

As someone who has written many product descriptions, I am often visiting different online shops to see how they treat their products. Rather than looking at the pictures, I usually will look at their product descriptions.

Sadly, many times I see products that have lovely pictures but inadequate product descriptions. If you sell items online, take a look at the list of mistakes below and then look at your product descriptions. Are you making any of these mistakes? It could be affecting your business.

Mistake #1 Using Stock Descriptions

Now, this doesn't apply to everyone. But those of you who are re-sellers, I'm looking at you. Yes, I know that it's easy to take a product description that someone else uses or that 'comes' with the item. But there are three problems with that.

1. Google doesn't like it when people copy other website's stuff.
2. It makes people wonder if perhaps you are too lazy to create your own descriptions.
3. It doesn't make your store stand out from the others that are selling the same product.

Yes, it's probably a lot faster and easier to use stock descriptions. But the problems this causes is not worth the time you save. So, write your own descriptions, or have someone else write them.

Mistake #2 Making Descriptions too Long

In general, I write my product descriptions between 50 and 75 words when I am writing them for a client. Now, there are exceptions to this rule. If you are writing a guide to a certain product or the description is going on a blog, yes, it's going to be longer. But for your general run of the mill product descriptions that go on the product page, this length is perfect.

Your customers don't have the time to read a novel about your product's attributes. You need to give them the information that is essential with a little extra to hook them and send them on their way, hopefully with your product.

Mistake #3 Making Descriptions too Short

Well, above I talked about making product descriptions too long. But now I'm going to cover the other extreme - making them too short. As I stated above, the best length is between 50 and 75 words. But sadly sometimes I see people writing a single sentence or even a fragment as their product description. It makes me sad because the shopkeeper is missing out on so many opportunities.

Products That Produce

These are three mistakes that you should avoid making when you are creating your product descriptions. If you stay away from these mistakes, you'll have a better chance of being successful with selling online. Look over your product descriptions and see what you can do to make them shine.


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Yeah some people do too much copy n paste instead

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