Apple viral marketing seems to work

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Viral marketing has always been used by Apple and other companies to create a desire on masses of people eager to own the newest gadget launched into the market.

Apple viral marketing seems to work

This is Apple's successful logo, but by the looks of it, it doesn't seem people are thinking differently. Thousands of them are crowding in the streets of many cities to get their new Iphone 6 to hold it as though it was a treasure and to show off in front of friends (There, look what I've got!}
Viral marketing has been used by Apple and other companies to sell their products. Viral marketing is all about provoking chaos and craze to grab one of those new gadgets among shoppers regarding a certain brand new product. They'll announce scarcity of such a product when it's only a couple of days that they have launched such a product and people will flock at shops eager to get one of those as soon as possible. Whether they're short of them it's dubious, but it seems to work very well for their sales.
Companies keep launching more and more new products into the market, but are they really new ones? I don't think so. It'll be smaller or bigger. It'll have a different presentation and it'll probably have a couple of more silly applications than a previous one. However, shoppers will have paid again for something that they had bought a couple of years ago. It isn't thinking differently, I'd say.
Unless one smashes a telephone or a computer against a wall or stumbles upon them, these items could last us for a long time. But technology big shots don't want this. They want us to spend a good sum of money for almost the same thing every so often, telling us that it's the newest thing to have and creating a desire on us to own it. It doesn't matter if the one we already have still works pretty well. They'll tell us through subtle propaganda that it's way too old and that we'd change it for their new toy that has been recently launched for us.
As I've recently written, technology bosses take good care to limit the use of technological gadgets at home and at Waldorf College (1} they don't have any screens or computers as gadgets are made for masses of people that will contribute well to fill in their bank accounts and not for these technological elite's children that will have to be soundly educated to take over from their dads.

(1} Waldorf College is in Silicon Valley and it's attended by the technological bosses' children.


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