And sometimes, you not only have to pray your way through it, but take action

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God is not going to get you out of bed in the morning to "lift" or "steal" a Dan Kennedy/ Dan Gable/Matt Furey/Psycho-Cybernetics saying, you have to do that of your own free will. Think about it: Reality is not going to get better by itself, you have to act on it. That is what this article is about for the most part.

There is a point where only thought will not work

We can think, deliberate and do all that mind-stuff. Ultimately, we have to take real, tangible and genuine action. We can get the answers from meditation even, but action is always still needed. Sure, we can come up with all of the beautiful theory in existence and the universe, but action is the gold-standard of reality.

As you can tell, this article is not going to be a fairy tale about "synchronize yourself and it will come". No. The wishbone has to be backed up by the back bone. Without that backing up, we all fall short of the real glory which is the result of decisive action that is realistic.

When I say, sometimes you have to pray your way through it, but take action, I mean it this way: God will help, but only if we help ourselves genuinely and first. I am not trying to play the "George Jean Nathan card" here, but I am being realistic anyhow.

You must pay yourself first, last and in some way all of the time during the time after first and before last to keep things solvent. Do not be a a productively altruistic sucker that gives it all and has nothing to keep yourself going. Like a car needs fuel, you need fuel to keep going. It is a principle of reality that cannot be circumvented.

The Point, and nothing else

Our lives come down to reality. We cannot escape it, pray our way out of it or trick it. We can only live through it, and understand it afterwards and the next situation we get into like it, we can do better. Sure, I could mince words and go foul of the point of this article, but I would rather do you the service of being honest about it all.

Our lives come down to reality and there is a time we must get past thinking, praying and meditating and do the deeds in our lives. That is the point and nothing else.

Before I end, recently:

Recently, I came to a wall where I realized that all that I am saying is real, true, honest, and right on. Without proper action, whatever it may be, nothing happens. We must lead ourselves. We must live honestly with ourselves. Without that honesty, we do not get past theory. Without that honesty with ourselves, everything still stays in the planning stages. I end with three words: Make a choice.


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author avatar LOVERME
2nd May 2018 (#)

JC you are abs right
god looks after you
when you are out of his sight..

In heaven alone
on the mommy Earth keep your bootlaces yourself tight the OLE man/(woman)heaven alone knows
... nowhere ---
has 7.5 billion plus more + add ons daily
to care for
coming from you its a GLARE none at Loverme alone now need to stare
Give GOD a long rest
He must be tired too watching all folks like me and you

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author avatar JOAN
4th May 2018 (#)

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author avatar JoshuaClayton
4th May 2018 (#)

In my reality and opinion (in that order), every person has to meet God halfway to really get there to solve their own problems. Get what I'm saying?

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author avatar LOVERME
9th May 2018 (#)

its like relying on a shadow to come to your help...
when in the loneliness...
in a valley one is attacked Thank your God
..have faith he will save u

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