An excess of graduates, but little work

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There are no menial jobs, but different ways to earn one's bread honestly.

An excess of graduates, but little work

Can anyone think how many people leave university with a degree in hand every year and round the world? The figure would be enough to give one's goose flesh.
Every year, thousands of wanna be doctors, lawyers, econimists or engineers leave their university, aiming for employment on what they have spent a lot of money and time. Some of them will achieve on this after hard struggle and sleepless nights, but others will go straight to the unemployment office.
Let's be realistic. Even if there was no economic crisis and the economy was booming, no company can't assume thousands of biologists, chemists or engineers. Never mind in the situation we are living in today. At the very best, some companies will contract graduates from abroad, knowing that they will be able to pay them less than to nationals and they will demand from them the most.
Not long ago, I read some job offers on an university board. They, of course, required new graduates to fulfill some posts. The duties that the fortunate chosen one had to take on were more for a senior profesional with years of experience on his field rather than for a newly graduate, but the pay didn't match their demands. The pay was the one anyone would have earned in the catering trade with no responsabilities at all.
I always wonder why people think of going to university the minute they finish secondary school, neglecting other jobs as being menial or not for them. When they start university, they most probably see themselves as successful economists, lawyers, doctors or architects. Then, when they finish, they have to face reality.
There are other trades to look forward to such as good mechanics, carpenters, electricians, plumbers or even builders. So long as one learns the trade well to become a good professional, one will have plenty of work to earn their bread.
I once knew two guys. One of them seemed to like studying and went to university to study philosophy and got a degree. The other didn't like studying and went to a professional school to learn mechanics. While the graduate one was always in search of work and perenially broke, the other worked in a garage and by the age of 25, he already had a sound bank account.
Even in times of economic crisis or recession, a good trade man will always have work to do whether it's in big works or in household repairs, because anyone of us need a plumber, a painter, an electrician or a builder now and again.
I've always thought that many people enrol at university, aiming for an important status in society and they neglect trades as being menial jobs for them.
What matters is to learn something to be able to earn one's bread when we are adults. The rest is a case of wishful thinking.

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