An Operosness Yankee National Debt & The Devaluing Dollar

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Operoseness: noun : the quality of requiring extended effort. Read on to understand how gargantuas the US national debt really is and what would have to happen to get it under control. Why would the US Federal Government want a weak USD? Here is the answer...

Synonymous with the US National Debt..

Most individuals have trouble putting into perspective the national debt because it is such a big number. As such.... verbiage is usually used to describe it. It's like name dropping for the average Joe because a million a billion a trillion... it's all the same right? How much or how big is a million? One million seconds, how long is that? How many days or weeks are in one million seconds? Without reaching for a calculator I am suggesting that you as the reader of this fine Wikinut article... go ahead and give your best guess.

Now do the same with "one billion." How long are a billion seconds?

The US National debt is almost at 16 trillion Dollars. How long are a trillion seconds?

After much thought and research I have come up with a list of words that have been used to describe the USND (United States National Debt):

Gargantuan, Herculean, formidable, galling, heavy, immense, irritating, laborious, onerous, operose, painful, problem, prohibitive, severe, strenuous, titanic, toilsome, troublesome, unyielding, uphill, upstream.

All the above words are great but as a mathematician and without trying to go all "Pi Chaotic" on you, I prefer 1111111 and 0000000 to put things into binary perspective.

1,000,000 or One million seconds = 12 Days.
1,000,000,000 or One billion seconds = 32 Years.
1,000,000,000,000 or One trillion seconds = 32,000 Years.

Thirty-two thousand years. That is a lot compared to 12 days. So it is fair to say that its not all the same. The USND and the USD crash will be the issue that fuels a new way of thinking and a new way of living for many.

The Debt is too large to be paid off and it won't be. The dollar will crash as it trickles into your life as inflation. We are on our way back to a brief barter system then a gold standard.

Sell your real estate investments, your shares and then. Try and not worry about getting it done tomorrow because the USD probably won't crash overnight. Actually... I take that back, it probably will crash over night but just not to-night. Why risk it?

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