An Easy Way to Build and Market my Own Website

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Describes the few easy steps necessary to create and market a successful website.

First things first...

Whether you run your own small business, work freelance from home or just like to make a side income online, having your own website is essential. More people use the internet to find everything that they are looking for, which means that you need to be there to gain their custom. Making a website is simple; the marketing is the hardest step. This article will go through the steps you need to create, build and marketing your own website quickly and affordably.

Step 1: Define Your Business and Products

What is your business all about? What type of products will you sell and are they useful? This will help to determine the type of website you need and the audience that you will target. You will also need to decide on the prices of your products. Search your competition to find out the competitive rate so you know roughly how to get into the market.

Step 2: Determine Your Audience

Who will you market your products to? If you create products for babies, you will not market towards children; you need to market towards parents and grandparents. If you have a service for businesses, there is no point targeting home computer users. Determining your market now will help to determine the type of website you need and the ways that you will promote it afterwards.

Step 3: Hire Someone to Create Your Website

It is possible to create a website yourself but it will take time and effort to learn about coding, designing and developing. The easiest step is to hire people to help you. You will need a website designer to create the look of your website and then a developer to code it for you and make sure that everything links up correctly.

The website developer will write all of the HTML, MySQL and PHP coding to create the pages and set up your shopping cart – if you need one. He or she will work closely with you to make sure your website works as you want it to and help with updating it on a regular basis when you need help. The website designer will work with you to make sure your site looks as you want it to. He or she will help it stand out for potential customers and ensure that it is easy to read.

You will need to test every aspect of the website before approving it and putting it online. This is important to make sure the designer and developer have worked to your specifications and the site is user-friendly.

Step 4: Find a Webhost

There are many different companies offering webhosting. Some offer small plans that are perfect for people who are doing a hobby on the side to make money. Others offer large packages that are perfect for e-commerce websites. It is important to look through all options to find something within your budget and that offers all you need.

You will also need to choose a domain name when looking for webhosting. This will need to make it clear everything that the website offers and work well for keywords. A good domain name will help with page ranking.

Step 5: Create a Blog

A blog makes it possible to add updated information on a regular basis. You can share your tips on different areas connected to your company. For example, if you are a content writing company, you can share information about press releases and article marketing. You will also be able to create back links to your website easily.

Step 6: Create a Facebook Page and Twitter Account

Social Media is an excellent way to promote your website quickly and easily. You can create back links that your followers or ‘likes’ can share. You will need to build up a following through natural and paid for likes and follows.

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