Affiliate marketing: How to get accepted by a CPA network

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Are you a newbie to CPA marketing? This brief guide will show you the key to being accepted by any CPA network.

The basics

Though there are dozens and perhaps hundreds of CPA (Cost-Per-Action) networks on the Internet, getting accepted by any of them isn’t as easy as you might expect. This is because CPA networks typically have a series of requirements that you will need to meet in order to get on board.

In contrast with regular affiliate programs, where everyone is instantly accepted as soon as they click the ‘Submit’ button on the application form, CPA networks need to be more wary when selecting people. This is because many people apply for CPA programs in order to make some quick money and then disappear. This is of course detrimental to the CPA business model at large. Therefore, each person that applies will have to be approved manually in order to be considered as a potential marketer.

Being honest

Some of the large CPA networks will require you to answer a series of questions on the phone about how you’re planning to promote the campaign, what niche you’re aiming for or what offers you’d be most interested in. They will also verify the accuracy of the personal information you’ve filled in, such as your name, address, etc. The key part in getting accepted lies in being honest and straightforward about your motives. This is a quality that is frequently valued by affiliate managers.

Applications are frequently rejected because the person is either unable to provide enough information about their past experience or they appear to have no previous experience in marketing. The majority of CPA networks would prefer to work with people who have some experience in the field or who know a lot about online marketing. Another very common setback is having no active, good quality website that you can show to the affiliate manager.

Demonstrate experience

Many CPA networks would rather work with somebody who has built a customer base already or who is active online by managing their own website. This is a means of evaluating your abilities and of gauging how you could be useful in promoting the offers they can provide you.

Therefore, if you don’t already have a website or blog, you will need to create one and manage it for at least 6 months before you can even consider applying to join any CPA network. This will stand as solid proof of your expertise and abilities, therefore making you appear as an attractive new prospect in the eyes of affiliate managers.


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author avatar Denise O
12th Jan 2012 (#)

First of all, welcome to Wikinut. I look forward to reading more of your work. Good information on how to get accepted by a CPA network. Thank you for sharing.:)

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
12th Jan 2012 (#)

Anja, thanks for this info. I was not aware of this activity. One defintely has to put in the needed effort and show staying power to be counted - siva

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author avatar Anja Emerson
12th Jan 2012 (#)

Thank you for your comments! I'm very happy to have found this beautiful community and I'll be publishing more articles soon. :)

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author avatar ittech
15th Jan 2012 (#)

Very nice article.thanks..

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author avatar Melissa Dawn
16th Jan 2012 (#)

Good share Anja and welcome :-) I had never heard of this where would one find CPA sites?

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author avatar ittech
18th Jan 2012 (#)

Great stuff.

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author avatar Sorel
14th Aug 2014 (#)

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