Advertising in the press VS. Advertising in Blogs

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"advertising in press or in blogs". here we compare these two components, to check the differences between the two.

advertising in press or in blogs

Today we'll talk here of a theme perhaps already very debated which is very interesting. The topic of the article is: "advertising in press or in blogs". And when we compare these two components, we check that there is a big difference between the two.

We assume that our company sells shoes for woman and wish to do a campaign because it's mother's day, through an article in advertising (on the bottom we put our url from our site and other contacts). If we utilize a magazine or a newspaper we can't know for sure how many people have read our announcement to our campaign, whereas if we publish our campaign on a blog, we can easily see how many people have seen our advertising for example through Google Analytics and then as posted on the Intenet via the search engines our advertising may have more organic visit.

Another point that we must take into account is the re-use of our content. For example if publicitemos in a magazine or a newspaper, people after using the magazine or the newspaper throw it away because it's rare there are people who keep the paper for last few months later re-read. While a blog the situation is very different, because the information never gets lost, because in a year in which case the article that posted advertising speaks of mother's day in another year when searching for mother's day, will again appear that article where you advertised and thus will have many visitors in their advertising. And it is likely that after the next year the same and so on.

As we can see there are great differences between the advertising in the press and advertising on a blog. I think that seeing these facts, in my view advertising on the blog is more profitable for the person who wants to advertise.

And you what do you think more profitable for the person who is advertising? Why choose this?


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