Advantages and Disadvantages of Cardboard Packaging

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Cardboard boxes are made of paperboards. They have specific structural features that make them ideal for packaging both small and big items.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Cardboard Packaging

Cardboard boxes are made of paperboards. They have specific structural features that make them ideal for packaging both small and big items. The edge of a cardboard box contains different rows of air columns, which provides a cushioning effect to the packaging material and protects the packed items from vibrations, shocks, sudden jerks, etc. The most important benefits and disadvantages of cardboard packaging are as follows:

• Boxes used for cardboard packaging are light in nature and hence can be easily used for loading as well, unloading.
• The material used to make these boxes is inexpensive than other materials available in the market.
• Boxes used for cardboard packaging have good graphics and printing competencies. They can be efficiently used for effective marketing, building awareness of a brand, and promoting goods in the market.
• The boxes are available in different shapes, designs, colors, sizes based on the requirements of the customers. Since needs can vary differently from person to person, this is a good advantage from the end user’s perspective.
• These boxes are available across different location and are readily available to every customer who wants to use them for packaging.
• The main advantage of these boxes is that they can be used over and again and are considered one of the best recyclable resources.
• These boxes can be tailored in such a way that utility information like the weight of the goods inside the box, dimensions of the goods, and from where the goods are coming from can be easily written on the box. This adds a level of transparency in a supply chain that extensively use these cardboard boxes.
• These boxes can be stored efficiently; it does not eat a lot of space in the user’s storeroom or attic.
• These boxes can be sealed effortlessly. Sometimes, sealing a wooden box is a challenge because of the sizes in which they come in whereas, cardboard boxes can be easily sealed with the help of a duct tape.

Some of the disadvantages experienced by end users of these cardboard boxes are:

Sometimes, using cardboard boxes for packing might not be the best option. This is because of their relatively low resistance to mechanical stress. When these boxes are exposed to extreme pressure or kept under a heavy stack of load, these boxes might undergo deformation. These boxes are not options when it comes to weatherproofing. Water can seep in during heavy rains and cause damage to the products inside the boxes. Cutting cardboard boxes into a certain desired piece is difficult. Sometimes, the weight of these boxes makes them inconvenient for structures that require finesse.

The appearance of the cardboard boxes used in cardboard packaging is usually not desirable for projects that involve craftwork, where the final presentation is the most important factor. The edges of the boxes have a slight disadvantage. The inner layer of these boxes will most probably show a cut’s edge. It is difficult to fold these boxes neatly. The material crumple in undesirable ways.

Overall, cardboard packaging has pros and cons that cannot be avoided. Hence, wisely make your decision while opting for packaging. Cardboard packaging adds an element of convenience to the entire process of packing and moving to a new location. When compared to the other types of materials in the market, these boxes are the most frequently used packaging material. In addition, companies have jumped on the opportunity of using boxes as marketing agent and ensure that they get their logos, enterprise names, and other types of promotional printing done on the boxes that are used for cardboard packaging. Overall, cardboard packaging is an environment-friendly means of packing.


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