Abuse and bad manners in the tourist industry

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In the same way I´m against abuse in the toourist industry, I´m also against the way many tourists behave when they´re abroad, particularly in seaside resorts.

Abuse and bad manners in the tourist industry

Few days ago, I needed to buy a lighter, but being the tobacco shop closed, I went into one of these shops that sell tourist paraphernalia that stays opened till late. I asked the man for a lighter and searching for one, he handed it to me claiming "1,50!" Knowing that this types of lughters won´t cost more than an Euro in the tobacco shop, I yelled him out. "Hey! I´m not a tourist, man!"
"OK" he said "One Euro."
If he charged me one Euro for that lighter, it means that it had cost him a lot les than that, because these folks always buy their items in bulk.
- Japanese tourists will take a taxi and the taxi driver will start the counter well before he´s started the engine.
- If needing a taxi from Krakov airport one should agree with the taxi driver on the fare to the city centre beforehand.
- Two US tourists in Rome have been charged 42 Euro for hree ice creams.
- If going to Morocco, it´s recommended to get one of those kids that offer guide if one´s lost inside the Medina. There´re official guides,wearing a white garment that are established by the Government, but these folks have deals with the owners of the baazars to bring in tourists. By the time one gets to be out of the Medina, one will have spent a lot of money in their baazars whether one wanted it or not.
- If having a serious complain at any of the catering establisments, there´re complain forms in Spain. They´re compulsory and there´s no way any bar, restaurant or hotel´s owner to tear them off if they don´t like what the customer wrote on it, because they´re numbered forms and they´re collected by an officer from the Ministry of Industry. Should there be a missing form, they can be in trouble. Obviously, catering management don´t like when a customer requires for such a form and they´ll do whatever they can to prevent one to have this form, but if one´s complain is a serious one, it´s worth the wait or going to the Ministry to write it. One can add up one more complain and that´ll be the fact that one had been denied the form on the premise.
Bad manners

However, and in the same way that I criticise the abuse in the tourist industry, I also criticise the way many tourists behave when they´re abroad, particularly in seaside resorts, There, there´re people living the year round and they don´t like seeing their city or town vandalized and dirtied in excess.
In the beach promenade in Sitges, one will see signposts along it, telling us that we should shower and dress properly before leaving the beach to go into town. I do agree with them, because it´s most unpleasant to see people almost naked, wet and full of sand when they´re walking in the streets and they pop into a bar or a restaurant.
Few days ago, I spotted a tourist with no shoes or sandals walking in the streets of the city centre besides being filthy. He wasn´t a beggar, because he carried a good camera with him as well as other touristy items. I felt tempted to tell him "What? No shoes? Go and get a pair of flip flops for 2 Euro!"

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