A writer´s aim

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Pros and cons for an author to get it published on which editors, distributors and printers get a bigger percentage of the earnings.

A writer´s aim

Any serious and devoted writer´s aim is to get published to let others know about his / her existence as a writer who has something to tell other people and if possible to be able to live on what one does and loves, if only modestly.
I already knew that writing books isn´t big business for writers, or at least, not for a majority of writers, but when I saw this graphic showing the percentages that everyone gets out of a book, it confirmed what I knew.
In the chain to produce a book, we have an editor who gets a 25 / 30 percentage. Printers and distributors get about that and the author, being at the bottom of the ladder, gets a mere 10% after all his / her work and sleepless nights.
In some countries, but I don´t know if in all of them, editors will never tell the author how much they earned with the book. They´ll tell us that sales went very well or they were not, but they will never tell us the real figures. On top of this, copies of the book that are damaged will be on the author´s account.
If one is lucky to get a book commisioned by an editor, the author will get an advance that will be discounted from his earnings of the sales. So, after the book has been published, an author will never know when he / she is entitled to get more payment on accounts of his / her copyright and the sales.
When a book is commisioned or a winner in a literary competition, the editor owns the author´s copyright for some time, but this will depend on what we´ve agreed with an editor stated and signed on a contract.
Say that one agrees on letting an editor to hold on one´s copyright for two years. It doesn´t seem a long time, but if during this period an author gets a good offer from another editor or a film director proposes to shoot a film on such a book, the author will have no other option, but to reject it unless, of course, his / her formal editor agrees on shooting the film to get bigger gains for him.
Go on writing stories, articles or books if this is what you love doing, but expect not to get rich writing books fast, because there´s a lot to consider before we sign a contract and conditions, like laws, are always made to benefit to those powerful folks that make them.

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author avatar vickylass
12th Jun 2014 (#)

I´d like to know your views on this and what it was like if you ever had to deal with an editor. Thanks for viewing and commenting.

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18th Jun 2014 (#)

Awesome and one of a kind post, cheers!

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