A head housekeeper´s follow-through manual

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They may be way too many hints for a head housekeeper to consider, but these are part of an important post within the structure of a company.

A head housekeeper´s follow-through manual

Anyone could be a supervisor, a manager or a hotel head housekeeper, but not everyone can achieve to be a good one that every staff member in her team will adore, because being a good boss is something more than just telling others what they have to do.
Anyone wishing to be a good hotel housekeeper would do well taking these hints to improve its skills as regards the job but also to be this boss that everyone likes working with.
1. Organization at work. Good organization will decide how the whole of the team, including its head housekeeper, are going to end a day´s work. it´s a head housekeeper´s duty to implement good organizational techniques at work, making sure that everyone has understood them and are following them through.
2. A good head housekeeper must be on top of everyone working in the team and under no circumstances, she´ll favour or befriend any staff member on accounts that this one smiles at her more or remembered her birthday timely. A good head housekeeper should spot everyone´s good and bad traits to enhance the good ones against the bad ones.
3. If in need of a deputy head housekeeper or a supervisor, a head housekeeeper should search well among all the staff members, because everyone deserves to be recognized and promoted, excluding those who do office politics as it´s well known that in this sector of the economy, many promotions are agreed in the bar.
4. It´s fine to point out at mistakes or things badly done, but not everything is done badly, is it?
5. A good housekeeper should call her staff to regular departmental meetings to discuss problems when they arise and to check whether the guidelines are being followed through by the the whole of the team. She should listen to every staff member when they have something to suggest or a say.
6. A captain is always the last one to leave his boat, so, it should be for a head housekeeper.
7. Emplyees have rights as well as duties.
8. Bully in the workplace is illegal in many developed countries. Thus, a bullied member of the staff could put the hotel into serious trouble if they take legal action against such management.
9. In a hotel, the accommodation department isn´t really recognized by the rest of the management and employees, if only to point out at flaws, but it´s also a head housekeeper´s job to defend her department when appropiate.
10. Besides supervising the work done, a good housekeeper should strive to create the best team letting aside all forms of discrimination among her members.
Are these way too many hints for a head housekeeper to consider seriously? They are not, because having worked in some so called luxurious hotels, I´ve watched how not the best ones have been promoted to such a post. I´ve watched discrimination, unfairness when it came to rights and even bully when a certain staff member wasn´t of her liking for others reasons other than work done.

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great tips indeed my friend...thank you...

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