A few ways to get rich.

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Are you tired of your same old life, working hard for the money? I might have what can get your money going up instead of down.

Money makes the world go around.

I am pretty sure that I am talking for everyone when I say, ''I need my money coming in, and the spending needs to stop.'' I am so tired of seeing all of these rich people on TV getting their money like their is no tomorrow. What about the rest of us, maybe some of us has a shit job, others don't have money at all. What I am trying to get at is, if you are reading this article you are obviously ready to get the money in. So lets do this.

5 ways to get your money coming.

Of course their are lots of ways to do this, I am just going to explain the ones that I know worked. Sadly I haven't accomplıshed one of them, but one day I will. Warren Buffett is one of the lucky ones, but he sure worked for it.

I love this one, go invest your money. Stocks, bank or maybe online. So many ways of doing this, and did I say this is without even working for it.
Stocks, yes take a look online and see who has the best I think at the moment Google is doing good. Take a look online or borrow a book to read about stocks so you know what you are getting into. I have been following stocks for a while now, but haven't made my choice.
Bank, one way I am doing now is, the bank. Yes you heard me, you will do some research and see which company gives you the best rates. If you do not touch your money, in 1 year all of a sudden you will see there is more money in your bank. Great right?
Online, get going on the internet, search for online work that you can do from home. Maybe open a website, who knows might be the next Facebook. Not the easiest but might be something that will work for you.

2. Work.
Yes sadly enough this is a way too. This time I am not talking lawer's or doctor's. I am sıply talking a normal job, at Mcdonalds or a food store. Let's say you work in McDonalds in the UK and you earn £5.25 a day. Now what you do is put some money away. Let me do the math for you.
-If you put £0.25 away everyday and you work 300 days, in a year, you have a total of £70 just of saving. If you do this for 3 years you have £225
-If you put £1.00 away everyday and you work for 250 days, in a year, you have a total of £250. (of course.)

This is amazing because you hve savings and you have your spending money.

3.The hard work.
I don't like this one, but it might just be me. Study for a good job, there are many of them you just got to study.
Here are f.eks. the top 5 paıd jobs.
1. Surgeons: $206,770
2. Anesthesiologists: $197,570
3. Orthodontists: $194,930
4. Obstetrician and Gynecologists: $192,780
5. Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons: $190,420
So go ahead, get going, check it our online, search for the best schools, GET GOING.

4. Gamble.
Yes very trıcky. Some people actually get rich like this believe it or not, check this out.
-Sheelah Ryan, in 1988, at age 69, won a jackpot of over $55 million dollars.
-Barbara Wragg, about to enter the twilight years of her life, won $7.5 million.
-Evelyn Adams, the lucky lotto winner of $5.4 million.
-Suzanne Mullins won $4.2 million.
Amazing right? You wake up, its the day of Lotto and you go punch in or write down the numbers like always. Go home do your thing, look at the number, Boom you know all the numbers you win millions. I think it is amazing.
There are so many ways of gamble, sports. lotto. online or horse racing. Many ways you can try your luck but you need to have limits otherwise, money won't be coming but going.

5. Open it.
IF you wan't this one to work then you have to have some money in the first place. Open a business, any kind. Maybe you are good at designing, making food or maybe a special talent? Give it a try open up a small store and get going, commercial yourself out there.

I am not saying any of these will get you rich, don't come back here and tell me ''I lost all my money, because I took your advice.'' No you did it, if you don't take chances in life, then why in the world are you here? Get going, spread out, try everything you can. If you don't, then obvıously you are not getting anywhere.
Money makes the world go around.



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author avatar David
9th Mar 2010 (#)

Great and inspiring stuff. Money is seldom made by an attempt to duplicate a success story. By the time you arrive there the potential is already exhausted. The best place to look is within you- to your passions. In unlocking them if not money there is happiness to be harvested.

But, I believe success stories can show as a trend, where the money is flowing copiously such as Wall Street, Internet, China,….. at different times.Study to join them there or Open it to do business with them, as the case maybe...

While I am great believer in luck, I do not think you get anything good out of gambling. And most of the time luck comes in disguise…it may come as sickness.

Something not to be missed is- interchangeability. The happiness that you can derive from a million dollar can also be achieved through a relationship, keeping a pet(maybe you already have, and only you have to open your eyes to see it), volunteering in mosquito infested remote African village, and or some through acquiring knowledge, writing , reading as these can fill the void created by loneliness as much as the void created by lack of money.

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author avatar sgheriyanto
2nd Jul 2010 (#)

good advice

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author avatar vpaulose
14th Jul 2010 (#)

inspiring ideas

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