A Recipe To Change Your Life

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To change life as it is said in The Master Key System, then we have to change the inner world, because it shapes the outer world

Change Really Does Begin From Within

As many people say and yet as many keep saying it, few actually know it, that change begins from the inside, it is an inside job as coaches, mentors and philosophers put it.

You know, we all or depending on the awareness of an individual person, see things differently and our beliefsystem actually determine what we focus on. Many are not aware of that the only change is going to happen from inside out. Most people or many wishes and dreams of change and keep pushing and telling and blaming their circumstances that they want to change that thing, and they put in a lot of effort but it stays the same.

How many times have we tried to change our income etc., the amount we earn per month, or even tried to think of what we earn per year, and said to ourselves; I am going to do this and our sales go up for a month or two, but after some time it goes back to normal or what is was before? Or we land in the gutter when we have one day or few days or even a week, where our sales go straight down, and then back to normal where we desired to change them. We as salespeople have to change how we see ourselves sell, if we look at ourselves with a little poor attitude, then we we will not ever sell or make people buy. Our perception of us have to change, it is the inside that needs to be adjusted a new awareness a new goal has to be programmed.

Another situation could be or have you heard about people after a new year resolution, that says: now we are starting a new way, and they begin to lose weight or someone wants to train to be bigger, they feel committed and after a period of time they lose their motivation, here it is the same, they wish to change how they look but the inner voice or image they see and trust, is not the same as what they desire, so they are highly capable to go back to where they were, follow the habit they wanted to get out of, and maybe try again the next year. What they should be doing is get someone to educate in awareness and put out a plan, a blueprint for success.


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author avatar Farzane Yaftian
17th Jan 2014 (#)

It is great. Thank you

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9th Jul 2014 (#)

Awesome write.

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