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Innovation is the beginning of a better creation, and capitalizing on innovation is the means to a potentially more prosperous life. Mark Zuckerberg is a prime example of that, but, he is has never been very good at spreading the wealth among the millions of users on his social networking site, by the name of, the one, the only, facebook. Rippln is doing what facebook never did.

Mark Zuckerberg Never Shared

Mobile Applications are pre-launching all over the place, and they are being open to the public via the public... This is my second project and it is called Rippln, it is indeed in pre-launch, viral, free by invite, YES FREE!--and with its technology Rippln's going to change the the way the world communicates, socially, in business, and it is all in the form of a game..

Think of Mark Zuckerberg, Google's Google+, The Xanga Team, and other social/business/gamification networks: all of them had an inner-circle that they hand picked. There was no pre-launch, they were closed to the public until they were deemed ready to release--that inner circle made big bucks, and are still making big bucks... Tell me, have you ever made money for using facebook, or the other networks I mentioned? No, and if you did it is only because you paid for an ad or service first, I know that linked in charges some big bucks for some of the membership packages it has. Rippln is a social/business/gamification network that has us, people like you and me as the inner circle, we are the ones spreading the news in its pre-launch and we will continue to do so in its post launch... We will have the potential/opportunity to make financial rewards, and we will be the ones to thank for its existence.... Rippln isn't made for us, it is us, and it will be in 78 countries when launched and offered to the rest of the public.

Invitations For Ripples

How hard is it to invite people to something that is free? When you get your Rippln app, you are in control of your own destiny, there will be five invites to start. Once those invites are sent out and accepted, there will be five more, so on and so forth. The trick is to find the right people, people who have an understanding of how important this type of network is, as well as believing that it will benefit a lot of people who participate in this adventure, someone who likes to talk, and isn't afraid to take chances at a business that could crash and burn, just like any other business around the world... It's easy to offer an invite to family and friends because Rippln's invites are free. A free app that has the potential of billions. Rippln is the first of its kind.

The Most Important Game Of Your Life

What's the loss when you have invested in one of the most important games of your life--from a mobile application (also compatible with apple and PC computers) in the palm of your hand, from a device by the name of, "smart phone", or "mini-ipad", or, whatever device you happen to be using at the time? NOTHING!--once again, invitations are for a free app/site. And you have the chance to benefit financially from people doing business in the ripples you've created across the world....

Rippln is our voice, our signature, our market, Rippln is US....


(for an invite: ctaretz@gmail.com, or, message me here with your name, number, and email)


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