A Guide to Effective Automation Practices for SMBs

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Today I am going to talk about which business processes can be automated in SMBs and how they can benefit from automaton. I


Technology was always one of the strongest factors for driving a business forward. And I’m not talking about selling technology, but about improving business processes within a company to achieve greater business results. By utilizing tech solutions, any business can improve and become more competitive, regardless of its size or the industry it is in.

Automation tools are a typical example of useful technology and they are making a great breakthrough on the business market. When they first appeared, these tools were reserved for large corporations and big enterprises, however, many mid-sized and small organizations have made great use of them as well.

Today I am going to talk about which business processes can be automated in SMBs and how they can benefit from automaton. In a highly competitive business environment, making the most out of your resources is essential and this is where automation is very helpful.

Communication automation

Communication automation is a subcategory of marketing automation, but with a focus on communication channels. Software solutions in this category are designed to help companies stay in touch with customers, manage campaigns, manage contacts and provide adequate information through various communication channels.

One of the most difficult communication channels to manage is email. Emails take up a lot of time – it takes time to draft them, find them, give answers, and this needs to be done over a hundred times per day. It can be a very exhausting process filled with mistakes. With email automation you can send out a lot of emails, customize them and schedule them to be sent at a certain time.

Another communication channel that can be difficult to manage is social media or messenger apps. Today, every business can look for the best chatbot platform on their own and create a free chatbot that can help establish communication with potential customers. Avi Ben Ezra, co-founder and CTO of SnatchBot, had this to say about chatbots in his Forbes interview:

“Any size company that currently has a website, but only limited customer service, would benefit from deploying a chatbot. Unlike building an app, which takes a lot of investment of time and money and is hard to update, chatbots can be constantly developed, and ours are free.“

This is how customer support staff can have more time to focus their efforts on essential tasks, and talk to clients directly only when they are needed.

Social media automation

All business organizations today have their presence on social networks. Furthermore, in most cases, companies have multiple social media profiles on different platforms. This means that you will have to switch back and forth between different platforms to manage social networks and this could be very impractical.

Social media automation allows marketing teams to schedule posts on different social networks whenever they think its best, monitor engagements, get notified when someone is sharing your posts or mentioning your business on social networks and so on. On top of that, automation tools can provide quality analytics by keeping tabs on most important metrics.

These kinds of solution will make a marketer’s or social media manager’s job a lot easier. They will have more time and all the information they need to come up with better strategies, rather than having to check whether or not something has happened online every ten minutes.

HR automation

Believe it or not, but HR departments have a lot of clutter in their work that they need to get rid of. They need a technology that can help them overcome nuisances in their work and be more efficient. With just AI powered chatbots, HR departments can improve their work in many ways.

For example, when it comes to recruitment, there are many free chatbot solutions that can help by asking important questions to candidates, perform a preliminary evaluation of their skills and qualifications and schedule meetings with interviewers.

Not only can they do all of these things effectively, but they can also handle multiple candidates at the same time and give answers to them as well. HR managers can customize questions which chatbots ask to candidates and carefully asses whether or not someone is worth scheduling an interview with.

Sales automation

Various sales automation tools allow companies to deliver valuable data to their sales teams each day. No matter if we are talking about current deal statuses or individual performance, through information distribution all sales reps are accountable and they create healthy competition between themselves.

A sales automation software can allow you to prioritize leads effectively. Simply set the criteria for more important leads based on demographics and characteristics and the software will prioritize them on their own. Not only will this save a lot of time, but you will always make sure to contact the most important leads and never miss a potential conversion.

Companies that use CRM software solutions with automation features can automate record creation and daily analytics. This means that whenever they get in contact with a lead, or a consumer gets into the buying process, their details will instantly be added and their road will be tracked. Based on these factors the software will perform various analytics.

These are some of the most common and most useful automations SMBs can utilize on. Have you tried any automations yourself? Tell us about your experiences.


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