A Brief Comparison of Open Source vs. Commercial CMS

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Know the difference between open source and commercial content management systems (CMSs) to see which is right for your Business Website.

Open Source Vs Commercial: Which CMS is Right for Your Business?

When employing a content management system (CMS), decision-makers are often caught up between two viable options – commercial and open source. Technically, there are several factors that go into the decision-making process, but the task of choosing an appropriate CMS for your business is quite challenging. Hence, we have covered a brief comparison between open source and commercial CMS with an overview and pros and cons of each to help you make a precise CMS choice that suits your needs.

Open Source CMS:
An open source CMS software is maintained by a community of developers representing different business verticals and geographical locations. They contribute to the platform by creating and sharing their plugins with the community. Open source CMS are generally free to use. You can choose from hundreds and thousands of plugins to add specific functionality to your website. Some of the renowned open source CMS include Drupal, WordPress, Joomla among many others.

Drupal is considered as the best open source CMS with more than 30,000 developers contributing, reviewing and testing the code for the core platform and more than 100,000 contributors developing and sharing their plugins and modules to extend Drupal’s feature set. Enterprises leveraging Drupal web development services are able to build large, complex websites while delivering exceptional experiences to customers.

Customization – The open source system lets you build and customize your site as per your needs, both during the initial set up and in the future.
Flexibility – Open source platform is designed to easily integrate with several other technologies and tools.
Updates – As the open source systems use new technologies, the platform mostly stays up to date on bugs, fixes and new updates.

Upfront cost – The open source software is highly customized. As a result, more upfront effort is involved in getting it off the ground.
Less ‘out of the box’ features – Some of the features included in commercial CMS might be expensive to build with open source.

Commercial CMS:
Often referred to as an ‘out of the box solution, a commercial CMS is developed and owned by a not-for-profit company. Users have to pay a licensing fee to use this type of software. The fees can include hosting, website design, and support in addition to the cost of the CMS. Instead of enabling integration with third-party plugins, the commercial CMS offer inbuilt features and functionalities – all built and maintained by the parent company.

Robustness – The commercial CMS comes packed with a plethora of out of the box features.
Predictability – The features in commercial products are well-documented and generally can be demoed. The pricing is consistent.
Upfront cost – The commercial CMS is already built, thus involves less or no upfront costs.

Licensing cost – With commercial software, you pay for the software, you do not own.
Lack of customization – Commercial systems follow the WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) approach. The system cannot be customized according to your needs.
Lack of flexibility – It’s often too difficult to develop or add new features to a commercial system due to the generalized dependencies across their clients.

The Verdict
The decision of choosing the right CMS type largely relies on your technical expertise and resources available to build and maintain your website. For enterprises looking to employ to a reliable CMS solution to lay the foundation for their future web success, it is advised to consider your business and customer needs and weigh up the benefits of each system.

If you any queries related to any of the CMS systems, please feel free to get in touch with us using the comment box below.


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