7 Tips to Make Photos Featured Products Online Shop

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Competition in the world of online business entrepreneurs make to rack my brain so hard to survive in the business world. Various methods are launched, like a good strategy, product quality, to price competition. Good product would have to be marketed well in order to attract buyers. One way to do is, make it interesting photo of the product to be sold.

Making Photos Featured Products Online Shop

No need to rent a studio and a good photographer to make a good photograph, it will only add to the budget spending big. There are a few tricks that can be used to create interesting photo that looks as good as the original product look even better than the original with a much more efficient capital.

The initial capital required is a camera with a high resolution. If there is, could use a professional camera like a DSLR. Alternatively, you can also use a digital camera or mobile phone camera that has a good resolution. The higher resolution of the camera, then the images will look better than before. Advanced era in the global era like this, cell phone cameras have been many who have high resolution and create an image that looks smooth and sharply photographed.

application photo
If the camera has a resolution possessed somewhat less, can be tricked by installing photo applications. Today, there are many photo applications that can make the face look smooth and photographed much prettier. Not only humans, the application can be used to photograph the product to make it look nice.

These applications can be used to edit photos for controlling the display of photos as desired. In fact, there are some applications that can add photo frames, or cute emoticons in appearance.

Do not forget to prepare the product to be photographed. The layout of these products need to be considered in order to increase the quality of the resulting image. If such products are clothes to be photographed, it will be far look good when applied to clothes mannequin in advance so that the customer can see the actual shape of the dress. Or, if no mannequin, could use a model that can be done by yourself or a friend.

Do not forget to choose a model that matches the size of clothes, do not be imposed if the shirt is too big or small, of course it would reduce the marketability of the product instead. If such a model were owned not want revealed his face in the photograph, the picture can be in the crop up to the neck. As for other products, do not forget to see which one is the best part of the photo products to be photographed.

Background clearly important in the process of taking photos. The object will be more prominent if the background is displayed matches the object. However, the opposite can happen even if the background image is too crowded or flashy that makes the object sinks.

Color selection must be considered to make all look interesting. Typically, the basic colors like white, an option for background. No need to use the studio to seek background, simple things that are in the house can be used to create a background.

For example, if you want to take pictures of shoes with white background, can use white walls of the house. Or, it could be used pedestal with white paper, which can be edited or subsequent in-crop.

Especially for the likes promote clothing by using a model throughout the body, can be made simpler own studio at home to capitalize one of the walls of the house. Choose the side walls of the house are quite extensive. After that, the walls can be painted or covered with wallpaper with attractive colors. Once completed, the wall can be used as background images. Can be added also support other properties such as tables, lamps, chairs, etc. to add to the artistic impression.

Capturing an image angle or angle is also an important element to produce interesting images. To determine which are the most suitable angle, can be repeated shots from various angles. With the right angle, can make the background which is actually normal to become more attractive.

Shooting can be done from the top, bottom, side, side tilt, and so forth. In addition, the distance between the camera and the goods will also need to be set so that the resulting image more interesting. Can also use a tripod to avoid camera shake when shooting. Usually, to make customers more clearly with the product to be sold, the images from the rear, and side also needs to be shown to the post.

Light settings
Another thing to consider in the shooting is light settings. No matter how good the camera, as beautiful as any product, if the photo was taken in the dark or low light will make the picture less attractive. For that, when determining the background, the light is also noteworthy.

Filming also needs to be done from the right direction and not backlit and exposed to the reflection of light that is too strong. Moreover, the advantage of setting the light is, make the images look more quality and bright.

Editing process
After determining the best photos of some decision made, the final process is to edit the photos. This needs to be done to improve the quality of the photos. There are several processes that can be done to edit photos. However, not all processes can be made into a single photograph. Simply select where editing is needed so that the images are not too excessive.

Contrast, sharpness, light
This process is performed if the image needs a little polish to add light effects, image sharpness, and color contrast. However, this process should not be taken too far in order to maintain the originality of the photo.

The process of cutting or cropping is used to reduce the background of the photo is not required. In addition, once in the crop, the object will be greater and clearly visible.

There are some products that need to be shown a photograph of another section to provide information to the buyer. For example, the dress shirt featuring a photograph the entire body, front, and rear. It is better if the photographs were merged into one frame so as not to create confusion.

Compress files
Often the images of high resolution camera has a large file size. This makes the old photos uploaded or can not be opened from the mobile phone. To anticipate, necessary to compress or shrink the image size while still maintaining the quality of the photo. How can use photoshop or any other application.

Finally, the watermark. After all deemed photo fix to upload, previous bullet made watermark process or marker source. Watermark is used to indicate the source or who the owner of the photo. Of course this is done so that other people can not steal the copyright of the owner of the photos that are already struggling produce the image.

Voila! Those were the things that are needed to create exciting photo class with a professional photographer. The more often tried, honed ability photography created. As a reference, try browsing again could have an interesting photo for inspiration. A lot to ask, and find new things also need to be done. Photos need to be made as attractive as possible so that many consumers are interested in and buy the product. So, good luck!
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