7 Smart Ways to Cut down Your Office Costs

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Great tips on cutting down costs around the office and still retaining a high level of productivity.

A leader mustn’t be stingy

If you save money at the expense of your employees, the fact is that your company won’t get much further. Actually, chances are that you’ll move only backwards, because your employees will look for better opportunities, and you’ll start losing talented people – you already know they’re not that expendable.
However, there’s a way to save money, make progress along the way, and continue to make your employees happy – find out how!

Hire Freelancers

Collaboration with freelancers can be the smartest option in a lot of different situations. First, you’re not obligated to create any kind of long-term contract, and your working relationship can stop any time you want it to. Besides, when you’re in need of a certain type of expert that’s not exactly in your niche, and you won’t need their services for more than a few months period, you should definitely browse through the list of freelancers with suitable portfolios and choose the appropriate temporary employee.

Take Up Interns

This is another way to go. If there’s too much work around and your employees simply can’t get it done, taking up interns is a great option. Of course, you shouldn’t take in just anyone – all potential interns should be properly educated so you know they fit a certain standard. By additionally educating young and talented people, the popularity of your business will grow, because the world of you brand will spread. Besides, when their internship ends, you could offer a position to one of them, and add a new mind to your workforce.

Maintain Online Communication

Instead of traveling yourself, bringing people to you or simply holding an office meeting, you should definitely transfer to online communication. Other than being obviously time-saving, it will also save a lot of your money, because there will be no traveling expenses and unpredicted costs. All you need is internet connection and a list of contacts, really.

Get “Nameless” Supplies

The fact that something is branded shouldn’t mean a lot to you. There are many startups and small businesses capable of maintaining that quality of office supplies you need, and the only thing that differs them from large and known suppliers is the fact that their business is young. For example, if you transfer to compatible cartridges that fit all printers, your costs will significantly lower down, and the quality of printed material on paper will maintain its standards.

Decrease Paper Usage

Speaking of paper – this is one office supply you should definitely try to get rid of. In some cases, when you need to officially sign an official contract for example, this is necessary because it enriches the whole act. However, the rest of the work can be done with not using paper at all. This could be a big change around the office, so you should do some research to find out the suitable replacement for every situation. When you finally achieve paper-free office surrounding, you’ll be able to notice significant difference in your monthly costs.

Become a Smart Shopper

Not a single purchase should be made without previous research. It should always be a goal to boost productivity and this can definitely be achieved with some office financial efficiency. Whenever you’re preparing for getting new supplies or office equipment, you should explore all your options first. Browse online and try to find some discounts, coupons and sales, because your final billing can majorly differ if you do manage to find any.

Try Out Crowdsourcing

This is an interesting way to enrich your funds. Using Kickstarter or Indiegogo, you’ll be able to present your business and its goals to a wide community, and perhaps get some support. This isn’t a particularly reliable way, and you shouldn’t expect a consistent income out of it, but there are many successful business who had positive experience using these platforms, and they can honestly say their idea wouldn’t work as well and maybe not at all if they haven’t tried it.


This is only just a general start – all strategic methods you plan on using further should be based on what you do. One last piece of advice; after applying a method or two, don’t give up on them after a week or so – give your actions enough time to implement and show real results. Good luck!


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16th Jun 2015 (#)

Good tips. :) I think the trend of using freelancers is catching up. :)

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