7 Facts Successful Merchants Consider While Hiring Magento Developers

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Being open source, Magento lets you set it up to support an E-commerce store with tons of features that no other CMS can match. Through this post, we hope that you will have a great insight on how successful merchants plan their approach of hiring Magento developers.

7 facts successful merchants consider while hiring Magento developers

Magento is the unanimous leader in the E-commerce web development industry. Whether it is a conventional E-commerce store of a startup retailer or a full-fledged online marketplace, what you want, Magento delivers.
To exploit these virtually endless possibilities of Magento, merchants have access to a vast pool of Magento development teams and freelancers all over the world who earn a living out of it.

If you are someone who is planning of stepping into the world of E-commerce using Magento, then you will need an effective plan of action to hire the best Magento developer who can support you during and after the website development as well.

1. Know your requirements and workload
Let’s face it, if you don’t have a clear vision of what you need to achieve with your store then you can’t hire the right Magento developer to fabricate your website.
With Magento, you will encounter distinct specialists who can be Back-end developers, specialist developers, and deployment, developers to scale infrastructure, front-end developers, and Full stack developers.

Before even having a thought about hiring a developer, you need to document your requirements that list down everything you expect your Magento store to do, the more elaborate it is, the better as this will not only help you to analyze what kind of developer you have to look for but also convey your vision to the developer in a clear and concise manner - hence, avoiding any ambiguities.

Ask yourself these questions
-Do I need to create a complete website in Magento from scratch? >> Search for a full stack developer who can work full time.
-Do I need to add a new feature to my existing website? >> Search for a specialist developer that can work on a part-time/full-time basis.
-Do I need to fix a bug on my existing website? >> Search for a specialist developer that can work on a part-time/full-time basis.

2. Where to begin your search.
Now that you have done your part of documenting the requirements for your developer, you are all set to begin your search for the right fit.

A quick glance at the Magento Certification Directory, one can easily calculate that there are roughly 6000+ Certified Magento developers worldwide. Add the number of Non-certified developers to this and this figure can easily double itself up.
Hence you can search for Magento developers through various channels. For eg: Freelancers can be easily tracked over Linkedin and agencies will come up with google search results.

However, If this is your first time searching for a developer, then the best way to search for Magento developers is through Job portals like Upwork, Guru, Hubstaff, Freelancer, and PeoplePerHour.

You will have to pay project fees to the platform for hiring the developer, but it will be worth it as you will get direct access to the best in the business. Additionally, such platforms provide Escrow protection, highly useful activity trackers and for worst-case scenarios - a dispute resolution center.

These online marketplaces also share the past work history, ratings, portfolio and many other details that you will find helpful in making your decision.

3. Certified VS Non-Certified Magento developers
Everyone will recommend hiring a certified Magento developer on any day. But they aren’t be all end all. Non-certified experienced developers are equally worth it.
More often than not, the only reason holding a non certified yet experienced developer back is that they don’t have the time to do a certification as they are too busy creating amazing eCommerce stores.

How to judge their experience? One cool trick is to judge them by the number of suggestions they give. It can be a secret way to judge the knowledge and curiosity of applicants by asking recommendations about stuff that you already have researched on.

If the shortlisted applicants are sharing some valuable insights, then you know you are talking about the right fit.
You would be surprised to see how many Non-certified experienced developers come up with suggestions that are much more useful as compared to suggestions from Certified developers.

4. Freelancer vs Agency
There is no better way to understand the Freelancer vs Agency conundrum than to understand the Pros and cons of hiring both.

Following are some of them for each:
Pros of hiring a Freelancer
-Cheap rates
-Specialized skills
-Involvement in the creative process
-Cons of hiring a Freelancer
-Don’t have a dedicated availability
-Can face work overload
-No backup

Pros of hiring an agency
-Shows accountability
-Multiple developers under the same roof
-Dedicated project manager to manage the project delivery
-Dedicated availability
-Sufficient backup for each developer

Cons of hiring an agency
-Tad costlier than freelancers
These pro cons make it pretty much self-explanatory. Investing a bit more in an agency, you can get access to all the services you will need under the same roof bundled with more accountability.
Whereas, by hiring freelancers you will need to manage them on your own which can become tedious if you have a tight schedule.

5. Request specific past references
In the interview phase, always ask your applicants whether they have experience working on a project that is similar to what you need. It doesn’t have to be an exact replica, but the core model should be the same.

For eg: If you are looking for a Magento 2 extension development, ask references for what kind of Magento 2 work they have done and if they can actually share code samples of the extensions they have built.

You don’t need to actually check the code if you are not very technically sound, but you can examine the coding style of the developer and whether they put proper comments throughout their code. This will help you examine how organized is their coding style.

Additionally, ask for the details of their past clients. Feel free to shoot out a friendly email to their clients and confirm if the work done meets their expectation. Clients love to share their experience with others about their developers and this practice will really help you nail down the right fit for your website.

6. Start small, Aim big
It’s common to have some butterflies in the stomach before hiring an unknown developer for the first time. A lot of investment can be at stake for a new website and you don’t want to mess it up by hiring someone who cannot deliver after making big promises.

Instead, Start small, go for a trial run.
For eg: If you want to have the whole website built, then start with having the HTML built as a trial project.
Reliable agencies proactively offer a couple of days as paid or free trial within which they can actually show you some good progress.
While that might not be adequate time to judge someone completely, it will be adequate enough to establish a gut feeling of how the project experience is going to be like.
For small projects like bug fixes, conduct a meeting over Skype or Slack to understand the how effectively the developers explain their approach of fixing it and whether they have actually worked on similar projects in the past.

7. Choosing an offshore team from India
This might come as a surprise to some, but India hosts the largest pool of Magento developers in the world that comprises of agencies and individual freelancers.
Due to this breakneck competition, it is considered the hub for clients looking for remote development at really affordable cost.

So if you are looking for hiring Magento development agency that can deliver quality work at a really affordable price, then hire Magento developer from India.
With hourly rates varying between $9 to $15, you can find great teams with tons of experience which can effectively engage in long-term relationships and support your store at a fraction of the cost as compared to inhouse-teams.

Being open source, Magento lets you set it up to support an E-commerce store with tons of features that no other CMS can match. But with abilities comes complexities, hence it becomes necessary to hire a developer or a team with the following traits:

Asks questions.
-Present a well laid down plan for the project lifecycle.
-Do not ask for the complete payment of the project upfront.
-Offer to work on a paid trial basis.
-Willingly provide post development support.
-Share the project cost based on the number of hours required for development.

If you are preparing to hire Magento developers from India who can work remotely on your project on full or part-time basis then Magento development company The Brihaspati Infotech, is one of the forerunners Magento theme development services provider offering dedicated Magento experts in India with the capabilities to shape your online store ideas regardless of your demographics


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