7 Essential Software Tools for Start-ups

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A guide to some essential software tools for startup ventures


As a start-up, getting as much value as possible from your early investments is crucial. These are the formative stages in which your budget is still being defined, and money is never tighter than the early days of an SME; as such, you need to make sure every penny counts.

Many will agree that investing in software not only goes a long way, but can also help improve the everyday operational functions of your business. This gives you more time to focus on the more immediate aspects of running a small business, and therefore a fighting chance in the highly competitive start-up market.

So which software tools will give your business the best possible start in 2016?


There’s a long and growing list of dedicated email marketing platforms, but MailChimp takes the top spot every time. It’s been on the market for a long time, which means regular updates and an engaged community that is always pushing for improvements to the platform. MailChimp makes creating custom email templates simple, and generating leads from those emails is easy thanks to detailed insights into the effectiveness of your campaigns.

Microsoft Office

The full Microsoft Office suite, including Word, PowerPoint and Excel, is one of the most popular and widely used software packages in the business world. As a start-up, Office will help you keep track of important information such as budgeting and sales data, make presentations for important sales meetings, and prepare business documents. On top of this, almost every business uses Office; this ensures shared documents will always be compatible regardless of different hardware and operating systems.


Basecamp is a project management system focused on providing collaborative tools for businesses, allowing individuals to share Office documents, edit work, manage deadlines and organise important data all from a single platform. This is especially helpful for working situations with employees across multiple timezones, and makes managing larger international teams much more professional.


FileMaker provides multiple benefits for businesses at the start-up stage. Traditionally, a priority for a developing business is finding an adequate means to manage important data, as well as a platform which can upscale suitably as the business grows. FileMaker offers flexible database solutions for bespoke requirements; this can help create more user-friendly processes for managing data, integrate internal information into one convenient platform, and provide cross-platform support, including iOS, for databases.


Successful start-ups are often highly engaged with their audiences, maintaining activity across multiple unique social media profiles. Hootsuite makes managing this output easy with a simple and intuitive user interface, content scheduling for a 24/7 online presence and in-depth performance management, analytics and tracking for brand mentions. This allows you to start building an audience with relative ease, as well as foster deeper relationships with the fans that matter.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics can provide highly useful insights into how many people are visiting your site, as well as the journey they are taking to get there and whether or not they convert. Although Google Analytics is a free tool, it provides in-depth information on your website’s performance and can help you create a search-engine friendly website without any SEO expertise.


QuickBooks is renowned as one of the software industry's simplest accounting solutions. It packs a wealth of features and functionality including payroll, tax management, and international account management and bill paying. QuickBooks is also very flexible, allowing for a wide range of third-party software integrations to tailor its functions more to the specific needs of your business. There are basic packages available for start-ups, but you can also add more advanced products to match your business growth.

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