6 Reasons Why You Should Not Buy A Custom WordPress Theme

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Wordpress Theme is perfect for web development. you should avoid to buy Paid wordpress Theme.

Avoid Custom WordPress Theme

People love using WordPress because of a number of its definite qualities such as extensibility, the frequency of security updates, easy to use and what not! The other reason that uplifts its quality is the availability of a large number of themes. Above all these qualities, people ask the question “Why shouldn’t you buy a custom WordPress theme?”

Well, in brief sketch, I could say that these custom websites are neither most cost-efficient nor most efficient for designing your websites. Wondering why?

Today, we are going to discuss;

Best 6 Reasons For Not Buying A Custom Wordpress Theme.

These 6 reasons that we are going to discuss throughout this blog will definitely make you think about why WordPress themes are not always good to choose for your website development.

1. Expensive Enough.
2. Takes much time to build.
3. Requires ongoing support to manage.
4. No ongoing updates.
5. Conflicts with Plug-in.
6. Core updates Can Break Them.

Before getting started, let me clear up your one doubt, all the websites created has different requirements, hence are not made equally. If you are using some specialized niche, where a customized WordPress theme is what suits the best, then only go for it. Among all the websites, it is said that approx 95% of the websites do not need custom WordPress Theme.

Let us discuss the above-mentioned points in detail:

Expensive Enough

When you plan to build a website for your upcoming business, what strikes your mind first? Umm, hardly it will take a couple of thousand dollars? And yes it will take max to max a month or two? Right?

In the case of a custom website, forget all. Let’s start with the cost first. If you are starting to build your WordPress theme from a group up the notion, the website will cost you around five-figure amounts in USD! Sometimes it ranges from $10K Upwards. A custom website is just not only about the designs and the colors. It is much more than that. The specifications of it are handled in CSS itself.

Also, the templates that you will use to put content are mapped out in PHP individually and then only is forwarded to WordPress Install. This is a major difference between custom made and non-custom themes. Non- custom themes are built up with all these features already but in custom made, these features need to be embedded by the designer.

Takes Time to Build

The process takes a lot of time even before the code starts itself. It may take weeks, long months until or unless you are not well satisfied with the approach you were looking for. If you are well clear with the idea of designing and all the features you want on your website (In most cases, it doesn’t happen so!), it may take a couple of weeks. If not, it will take 3- weeks comfortably to get the pieces at its place.

We have seen, sometimes it lasts over a year! Now think, is it really worth to wait for so long? Think Again.

Requires Ongoing Support To Manage

This is the most difficult part of all the time which is faced by the people. For the custom WordPress web development, you always need a person to keep an eye on its ongoing process. Let me tell you the worst part, it will also cost you! Yes, you heard me right. Already you are paying thousands of dollars for CMS development, now you need to spend on the fees even for the person to look-over that help keep the darn thing running. How much are you going to spend in total?

No Ongoing Updates

The most disadvantage side of the whole process: no updates are available as part of your initial purchase or license. What exactly it means? The first one, you will have to pay for the additional hours when issues arise. The second one, when the development won’t sign up to do updates, you’ll be on your own though.

Conflicts with Plug-ins

It is one of the no happening point’s people faces during the development procedure. A custom WordPress theme may or may not support the leading Plug-in. put yourself in a scenario. Imagine you have a newly built world-class appearance custom WordPress Theme website handy. Now you want to add a plugin into it to optimize SEO and poof. As soon as you did it, CSS breaks! Gosh! Again you remove it and try using a different SEO plug-in, guess what! The worst thing happens, this time Navigation Vanishes!

Yes, this happens. We hope, when this happens, you have a capable developer who can solve this problem. Personally, we would suggest, not leaving it to chance.

Core Updates Can Break Them

The Big problems that arise in the custom-built website are as follow:

1. Vanished Page.
2. Internal links linking people to “Page not found” page when the destination page is still there.
3. Page templates stopped loading.
4. Formatting, that is, margins, color are all over the place.
5. Navigation showing twice on the page.
6. Broke Images that failed to load.

Other small problems were also there but these are some big problems observed in custom WordPress website. These all generally arise due to the pushed out core updates. If you think, that your capable developer will fix out all these blunders, then try once. We guarantee they will not even respond to you.

Hence, to prevent such things, you can for two options:

The first one is, select a drag and drop template builder theme and create what exactly you want. The other option is to go for a pre-built theme. In this, there is no need for custom WordPress themes.


From all these cases discussed above, we would suggest avoiding Custom WordPress theme if at all possible. It will not only save your money and time but also will save you from a headache with ongoing support. Non- custom themes are available in much cheaper rate. So what are you waiting for? Get a one and start building your fancy website.


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author avatar Peter B. Giblett
9th Aug 2018 (#)

1 - A good theme does not have to cost a lot of money. I am satisfied with my $75 theme and the level of support available.

Few themes conflict with plugins. Some have their own which need to be added to a theme.

Core updates have also been known to break free themes. Recovering from one such issue cost me 1 week's effort to fix. The reason I now use a paid theme - they are quick at diagnosing and fixing any such problems.

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5th Feb 2020 (#)

Thanks for the excellent blog. If you need guidance, you can visit

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