5 Ways to Lead your Retail E-Commerce Strategy towards Success

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This article showcases the strategies for improving customer experience to make an e-commerce service offerings successful in 2018 & thereby helps in generating the desired revenue.

Strategies to Lead your Retail E-Commerce Business towards Growth

Customer satisfaction is king of all the trades. Whether it is online or offline trading, boosting customer experience is the motive of all of us. According to a research by Tealeaf, poor online experiences can make companies lose as much as 23 percent of their annual online revenues.

This has become the tale of old days when legacy brands can rely on their name recognition to draw people to their online catalog. Today, customers are far savvier than they used to before some years in the row. They expect much more from the online retailers: more information, better service and more meaningful connections to a particular brand or product.

People are less likely to buy a specific item from a specific online store these days. They research about the product they want to buy on the various eCommerce portals available online. The retailers need to follow more customer friendly and custom eCommerce web development approach to keep their target audience glued to their websites.

Here’s a list of big changes traditional retailers can make for a smarter & customer-centric way to online commerce

1) Make it Personal
A study by Accenture suggests that about 75% of consumers buy from a retailer who recognizes them by name, offer recommendations based on their past purchases, or knows their purchase history.

Having a generalized view of all the customers is an unforgivable mistake in the present e-commerce sector. Every buyer is different from the other based on his/her preferences, choices, etc. This makes it very important that retailers personalize their e-commerce strategy to widen the customer reach.

It has been noted that more than 50% of marketers have experienced a good ROI after they personalized their online stores. Personalization is vital for an e-retailer to increase the customer retention.
There are several ways to deliver personalization touchpoints:

A personal 'Hello' page
'Wish List'
Recently viewed items’ list
Communicate in customers’ native language
Personalized Emails

Personalizing your marketing strategy can help improve its performance and work better as it is tailored to the individual needs of the customers.

2) Think like a customer
The new-era retailers are succeeding by knowing what their customers want and delivering the same to them. They focus on creating a new retail experience for their customers. They use analytics to add value at every step of the way for customers and make customer’s interaction with the brand as great as possible.

3) Upsell & cross-sell
Offering relevant products to the customers is a good way to provide an enhanced online experience. Make sure not to hammer your buyers with irrelevant products, offer things which complement their shopping cart. Also, the frequency of the messages you send to the customers must be checked because continuous upsells may alienate your clients.

4) Implement out-of-the-box social media marketing
Integrate your online store with social media via custom eCommerce web development. Make the sign-in process for your eCommerce site less time-consuming by adding the social sign-in feature. Also, monitor the trend by applying a social media monitoring tool to follow the discussions on social channels. This can help you have valuable insights on the needs and buying habits of the customers.

5) The Mobile-first Approach
If mCommerce is not a part of any e-commerce strategy then the strategy can be rendered outdated. With more than 50% of users reaching your eCommerce site via mobile, you need to consider the mobile-first strategy. From design eCommerce to emails and transactional payment systems, create an experience with a mobile visitor in mind.

Conclusion: The most important change which can be made in this eCommerce era is the switch in the tension of the power from companies to customers. People now have stores in every corner of the world open to them at all hours from the couch of their living room. As a retailer, you need to understand your customers and add value at each step of the customer journey by not just driving them towards the purchases. Their retention towards your site depends on this.


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