4 Key Characteristics That Your Search Consultant Must Possess

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In a bid to increase you Customer Rate Optimization (CRO), you are often left with many alternative choices in terms of what the experts will recommend that you must or must not do.

4 Key Characteristics That Your Search Consultant Must Possess

In a bid to increase you Customer Rate Optimization (CRO), you are often left with many alternative choices in terms of what the experts will recommend that you must or must not do. It is therefore incumbent upon you to make sure that you engage an expert who has unparalleled understanding of the subject and who will offer you a holistic solution that will add value to your marketing efforts, both offline and offline.

In this article, we will look at the proper way in which you can make CRO work for you. We will look at what you need to bear in mind before and after you are through with your campaign. You must bear in mind that SEO, which is the superset of CRO, is a continuous process. The process revolves about setting up A/B testing, running the analysis, reporting on the results, implementing the recommendations and starting the process all over again until you get the conversion rate that you have in.

The following points outline what the consultant of your choice should help you ascertain in the course of the CRO campaign;

• Know Your Customers – Use the available channels of user data and interaction with your ecommerce website to have an in depth understanding of your customer base. Augment this information with knowledge on the customers gleaned from other sources, such as email marketing channels, newsletters and databases.

This information will give you insight on the target demographic, which means that you can work on your campaign with pin point precision. You will be able to group your market by common factors. The most important profile is that you will want to create a persona, which will help you to narrow down on the website visitor’s key differentiating factors.

In effect, a persona is a type of model that actually humanizes and separates each individual from a specific market segment. This will help you in empathizing with your customers on a deeply personal level; after all, they are people and not just numbers on a chart. The more personas you create the better it will be for your campaign going forward.

The ultimate goal of this exercise is to create tangible characters, with the following characteristics; real names, ages, jobs complete with all their emotional baggage, such as doubts, fears, desires and needs. This will help you go a long way in addressing their needs and using this information in your marketing campaign. This information will also be useful for your Search Marketing Consultants.

• Value Proposition–This means that you must have a unique product offering, which you intend to up sell to your potential visitors. You must offer a compelling product that satisfies a specific need of your customers. This means that regardless of the psychological orientation of the customers visiting your website, you must strive to offer them value.

The value you offer should help them solve a problem, which has been troubling them and you must be able to offer the solution in a manner that satisfies this need wholly and fully. So, your value proposition should be well defined in order to differentiate you from the rest of the madding crowd.

The key thing which you must remember, which we cannot overemphasize is that at the end of the tunnel, you are dealing with real human beings. These human beings are unique and there is no, one-size-fit-all solution to their problems, each one must be dealt with at the individual level.

Bear in mind that they have fears, doubts, and aspirations. Use the insights you gleaned from their persona to speak to them in the language they fully understand. This will help you to come up with a set of solutions that will speak directly to the needs of the clients.

• Conversion Drivers–There is a 5 fold process that customers go through when they land on your website and it can be outlined as follows; need recognition- the visitor identifies apersonal need and realizes that you can fulfill this need, so you must be ready to take care of this need and point them in the right direction.

Information Search – At this point, your potential customer is soaking in as much as they can about the product that you have on offer, you need to offer them current information on the available options. Action- the decision to buy has been made, so keep them engaged in the process. Post sales- treat them well to make sure that they keep coming back.

• Fears, Uncertainties & Doubts– The fact of the matter is that there are several horror stories on the internet about people who have been scammed online in one way or another and this fear is real. Therefore, the majority of the people are fearful of making a transaction on the internet due to the novelty of the medium.

They are afraid of falling victim to cons and cheats, so you must make sure that you deal with fear as soon as possible in the process, in order to gain trust. You must strive to reduce their anxiety by addressing their key concerns by providing proof of security, authenticity and reliability.

Therefore, you must make sure that the expert ecommerce conversion consultant you choose to engage comes up with a plan to address the key points raised above. Their modus operandi must be designed according to the points addressed above, as this will give you the assurance that you are both reading from the same script with respect to your CRO program. Additionally, it is always a good idea to find out as much as you can about the firm in question.

Asking questions like; how many customers have they serviced before, have they worked with clients in your sector and if so, can they furnish proof of this? This additional information will help you know whether they are a good fit for your specific needs.


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