3 Most Important Things Not to do on a Business Blog

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Maintaining a business blog is strictly different from maintaining any other type of blog. When you do up a personal blog, you are doing it for entertainment or just documenting stuff. However, when you do up a business blog, you are putting your business in the view of potential customers.

Difference Between a Regular Blog and a Business Blog

The difference between a regular blog and a business blog is in the value. Reader follow a personal blog for purposes best know o them. However, a reader follow a business blog to be posted about the happenings, promotions, new product launches and things that are of interest like the corporate involvement in the environment and the customers.

Hence, you would want to keep your business blog entirely professional at same time not being cold and distant. There are various things that you can avoid in your business blog in order to hit the right notes with your readers.

Avoid Irregularity

Nothing irks a reader more than irregular post updates. I am talking about serious followers. These followers will be with for life if you pay some attention to your blogging intervals. Many of them like to get updates at regular intervals. You can safely hold that interval, say, once or twice a week or once every two weeks. As long as you keep your interval regular there should not be a problem.

The problem with posting regular blog posts happens for one main reason. The content! You have to come up with relevant contents to post and you should not be thinking about the content on the day you are supposed to be posting the content! Being a little bit more organized in a way that you have a few topics at hand by the time you are supposed to update you blog will serve you a long way.

Avoid Sounding Aloof

You want to post content that is already on your website or already in the papers? Stop right there and drop the idea of starting a business blog. You want to be more personal and warm towards your followers. The last thing you want to do is sound like you are doing a press release. Post content that cannot be found anywhere.

Post content that is closer to the hearts of your followers. You can provide pre-reviews about product launches and even share the proposed dates. These are personal enough and your followers would expect such posts on the blog.

Watch you tone though. You do not want to sound distant and aloof. You want to sound personal. Therefore, try as much as possible to post things from your perspective rather than the company.

Avoid Discouraging Interactivity

You want interactivity in your blog so that you know the reaction and feelings on the ground about the company and the products and services from those who matter most to your business. If you discourage interactivity such as blog post commenting in your blog, you are merely having another website where the information is shared for the sole purpose of sharing and not as a means to gain information.

You are too close to your products and services and you will not see what the end users would. Hence, you need to ensure that you open your blog for interaction.


Businesses have a purpose and in today's economy, that purpose can be achieved well. The purpose is to reach out to the community and find out what matters most so that the business can improve their services, beat competition and stay in business. Setting up and maintaining a business blog is a way you can do this. By avoiding various mishaps that cause the business blog to fail, you will be on your way to attaining your main goal.

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