3 Big Reasons Why MLM is not for everyone

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Three reasons why not all people are into MLM or Multi-level Marketing

3 Big Reasons Why MLM is not for everyone

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Everyone has a story to tell with regards to MLM or what we all know as Multi-Level Marketing. This is actually good if someone really understands. But then, there are so many companies who promised big returns or profit and then they turned out to be scam because of the system they have implemented and people judged that all MLMs are the same, when in fact, you should just study well before deciding if this certain company is for you or not.

But for now, what I have to talk about is the three main reasons why people are not into MLM.

1. Not All Likes to Sell- Okay I said not all like to sell items or goods so this is the main reasons why whenever you ask a person to join under you, they may not like the idea because they don’t like to sell or they may reason out that they are not good in selling an item. Not all MLM will say we don’t sell just to earn so they offer other things for you to earn. But then again, it does not charm everyone.

2. Some don’t like the idea of recruiting- What is MLM without recruiting? Therefore, people who don’t like to recruit would not involve themselves joining on MLM. For them it is a big task and they are not good on recruitment too. So the business of MLM does not only concentrate on recruiting or earning from the incentives of others but through selling products. Well, as I may say, think carefully on companies that are already stable and has been there for so many years. You cannot just ask a person to join if you cannot convince your own self.

3. Allergic to the word “MLM”- This is true whenever you talk about MLM, people are really allergic to it they have had it and will never ever try it again. I cannot blame them because they might have experienced joining from the past and it was really a bad experience. So for them MLM are all the same and will scam them so they would not trust and try joining again.

Whether MLM is good for others and not for some, the main concern here is to study the company background before joining in.


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10th Aug 2013 (#)

This is so true I'm not very good at asking people to join things

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