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10 tips and points to setting one on the track of becoming a good freelancer

Becoming a good freelancer

There are many points to becoming a good freelance writer. This includes from making time to balancing your everyday life. For example, unlike in the business of everyday work life in a huge corporation, one never knows where their freelancing might land them next. With that saying, here are some tips to getting on the right track in making it as a freelancer.

1: Don't drop everything and pick up straight into freelancing

A common issue among society in the freelancing world is those who drop everything, including good paying jobs. One of the best tips there are is to start off small. Starting off small lets one get into a good rhythm, while still having an income that they can take care of themselves and their families.

Starting off too big does create problems in the long run. One must make sure that they can handle the high demand and have the ability to make it profitable in the marketplace or they may find themselves down in a sink hole without any financial budget to keep themselves afloat.

2: Keep up to date with what it in demand in the market

A problem with many freelancers is that they run into problems that what they write on isn't in demand. So knowing what is in demand can make freelancing more profitable. Some freelancers, such as myself, keep a wide variety of things that they can write on. With that, remember, try to keep up to date, and be prepared to know what the population wants to see.

3: Don't be afraid to have people who you can rely on

Whether one joins a group of people, or have a select few friends they can rely on, its never a bad thing. Getting advice from people around you has never hurt anyone. Be prepared to accept advice and for others to criticize your writing. People's criticizing can help better a project one might be working on. Having a group or few friends also allows one to have someone who can proofread and make sure they haven't made any mistakes.

4: Try to keep an open mind

Always sitting at a computer or laptop doing writing can be sidetracking. After all, computers and internet doesn't just give one a place they can write, but it also hosts social media and addicting games that can hog up ones attention. Paper and pencil are a freelancers best friend. They can be carried anywhere, and anytime a thought comes to mind, it can be jotted down. So if possible, try to avoid relying only on the computer, especially for research.

Some sites on the web can easily be edited, while researching in a library may be more time taking, it can also be more reliable at times.

5: You are your own boss

Freelancing is worse than working in a company. A freelancer has to be prepared to push to their own research, and keeping up with the market. They have to keep up with accounts, market, and even publicity. They put themselves out in the market and it is their responsibility to know how much they are being paid before taking on a task.

6: Social Media is your friend

Freelancers are responsible for putting themselves out there. While computers and the web can be distracting, they are also a freelancers best friend. Pull in viewers and customers through social media, attract their attention, and be sure to keep at it.

7: Sick days are a no

Remember those big corporations and bosses being agree at employees for taking a sick day? That boss is now the freelancer, and that employee is also that same freelancer. Being the boss can be difficult, becoming "ill" or getting tired creates problems. Keep at it, don't get bored of it, and if working multiple writing projects is what it takes to remain up to the task, then don't be afraid to do so. Remember, jot down every idea for writing that comes up, it could just become the next big hit, and when getting bored of one thing, can fresh up by jumping to work on another project. Just don't forget about deadlines.

8: Plan but be flexible

A freelancer should never overload themselves. They still need to have a social life. With that being said, plan for the future, know where the freelancing is taking one, but a freelancer also should have time for themselves. Being flexible also means one can change their mind, which is much different than working in an office. Freelancers choose their own work load, and what best suits their writing style, planning ahead, but also being flexible can let them know what steps they need to take to becoming a great freelancer, but also know that if its not going the way they need to, they can easily change their course and take another path.

9: Know your surroundings

Remember school, and needing that personal space? Well, as a freelancer, that place will become a personal favorite. Having a quiet place to concentrate to think and plan is good, but try to have multiple, seeing how being in one surrounding can also cramp the style. Each type of writing should have its own surrounding. If writing about nature, try getting outdoors, if doing a news article, get out and into the field. A freelancer is similar to a journalist, but also their own reporter.

10: Have fun with it, but keep it serious

Make freelancing fun. Being a freelancer means working with what one enjoys. Whether one writes about outdoor life, fiction books, or non-fiction books, make it fun. Having fun with writing always pulls out the best, and makes more interesting reading. If a freelancer can't have fun with what they are writing, then a reader wont be interested. Having fun with it doesn't mean being funny. While having fun, keep it serious, try keeping to the facts or the story. If keeping it fun but serious means getting information from another source, then all means, do so, but remember, keeping it serious also means not plagiarizing, and giving that source credit for their information. Never forget, make it your own.


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