10 Ways to monetize traffic to your blog, with money making ideas.

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10 Ways to monetize traffic to your blog, with money making ideas.

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Every day, people ask how to make money from their blogs, so I decided to stop by each journal. The first thing you should know is that if you want to earn money in the long run from your blog, you need more ways to monetize.

If you combine two or three of the 10 methods listed below, you'll reach a balance that will not only make more money but you will not annoy readers (it's so easy to make a visitor to believe that you just want them take the money that's not even funny).

My list includes some quick ways to start and some long-term, requiring little more effort to earn money. So regardless of your efforts, you can make money from your blog.

The list below will help you regardless of traffic you currently have. Example: Google Ad-sense will bring you more money if your site has traffic. But selling a book online with a high conversion rate will bring you money even if you have a small amount of traffic.

What to remember: the more a monetization method is easier, the more it will bring you less money. In the long term, the worst methods are the most lucrative monetization.

The explanation? Most bloggers will not apply because they will never seem too difficult. So you stay with the most untapped source of income.

Therefore see the top 10 ways to earn money from your blog.

1.Google Ad-sense

This is the easiest way to start making money from your blog and is very simple in terms of settings. But the two biggest problems that I had with Ad-sense are:

- You need a lot of traffic to earn a decent amount of money, especially if you have a medium sized blog

- If you sell your own products or affiliate products, you'll need to see what is sold in your adsense ads because there is likely to be in direct competition with your products. To have your own product (be it physical or electronic) and does not really work if you installed Ad-Sense blog.

2. Banner Advertisement

personally have a love-hate relationship with the sale of advertising on the blog. I do this and make money from it, but at the same time selling advertising space, it is the best long-term way to harness your blog.

It is preferable to sell your goods and use your own advertising space to promote them, so you'll make more money and not doing you will need to Regarding problems attracting advertisers.

Advertising on banners also needs a large amount of traffic to attract advertisers important to have a decent income.

Another problem is that it can be very difficult to follow all the agents to know exactly when you need to transfer the money or you need to remove the ad. Unless you use something like OIO Publisher will automatically control all tasks on advertisements.

3. Affiliate marketing (selling products to others)

Affiliation marketing is one of my favorite ways to earn money and it works like this: someone has a product and let you sell it for a certain fee. The best part is that these people already have ready-made product and presentation page.

It is the best and fastest way to earn money from your blog and you do not need high traffic to get started. As long as the product is targeted readers to your blog, you will have an acceptable conversion rate and the money will not be delayed.

4. Review Links

Being paid to write review about a product or sponsored website is another great way to earn money from blog. Some people have trouble Regarding this aspect because tests must come from honest use of the product or service, others who choose to continue along the path of indifference is doing very well.

I have also written reviews and see no problem as long as you do an objective analysis. Also I should mention at the outset that the analyzes are sponsored for your readers to know.

Obviously, if you believe in that product, it's better not to do any analysis, because no one will pay you to advertise negative.

www.sponsoredreviews.com and www.reviewme.com are two places where you can join to make posts with Sponsored analysis. I recommend you try this method to see if you like.

5. Selling e-Books

Selling an e-Book blog was an option for a very long time and this is due to a very good reason: it goes.

I suggest that before you start writing an e-book and sell it to make your blog First known. I have not followed this rule and I found myself an e-book that there is no one to buy. Once it came traffic began to flow and sales.

Selling WordPress themes

wordpress themes

When you have a beautiful theme, or brand that you can build a WordPress theme, you Extensive offer it for sale for a low price. There are three major benefits resulting from the sale of WordPress themes:

- Earn money

- Is a great way to create links to your blog, since every topic that will sell you a link to your blog as a reference.

- Is also a good way to make your advertising and gather less traffic

6. Providing consultancy services

From the moment you will see that get results with your blog, you can take into account providing consulting services to help people achieve the same results you obtained. I should point out again that before moving on to this stage you need to prove its success and services they sell.

This is a perfect way to support your readers and also to earn money.

7. Build your email list

We all know how powerful it is and will continue to be marketing emails. Once you're connected and have built a stable relationship with that list is the best way to make money online ... Point!

Building a list takes time and patience, but the best way to speed up the process is to put a recording option visual field of your readers. Make this option be the first thing that I see and the last thing I see.

Now that visitors should see the option to register offer something so good that they register. Maintain and Improve offer blog regularly if you feel a need because this will be your first impression for new registered and still it will be one that will create or destroy your ability to sell them in the future.

8. Selling Products

Physical product (like: jeans puzzle,electronics,etc)

This is an easy way to earn moderate amounts of money from blog, you will not enrich, but any money is welcome. An option that may work is selling T-shirts with the logo of your blog.

9. Donations

Paypal donation button

Yes, asking for donations works, although I repeat: do you win large sums of money. Your readers will be more motivated to donate if thou offer content that is useful to their liking.

A donation through PayPal button is enough (comes ready-made, you just need to put it on the site). An example found on the site who are famous animations (www.CreativeMonkeyz.com), where a button Donation for extra money funny that reads Drop us a banana.

10. Links paid

Paid link on a blog

Do you have a blog sidebar? You Traffic? Good! Then you everything you need to put links to other sites. We made some good money out of it. Not only had to put a link to another site (exactly like the link exchange) and you paid for it.

In Romania there are very suitable, but foreign companies are more willing to pay for it.

The more you blog more "clean" in terms of advertising, the more you attract such companies mule.

In conclusion, as I said earlier, there are many ways to earn money, just try not to focus on one way. The goal is to reach the point where the only things that sell or advertise on the blog, so are yours because you've only keep 100% of profits.

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