“How To Win Repeatedly In Today's Marketplace: Packaging Is Your Fluid Core”

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Right packaging of your talent determines its marketability. Raw gift will not give you attention on earth. It is gift or skill that is properly refined and packaged to the right market that delivers great profits into your hand. You do not package a gift or skill by merely rattling some “mumbo jumbo” in some course room or prayer room to be in the right marketplace.

“How To Win Repeatedly In Today's Marketplace: Packaging Is Your Fluid Core”

Naturally, God gave out gifts to all of us; it is the right packaging of these gifts in our life that will compensate for the ones will lack. Ugliness is a reflection of missing packaging. When you package rightly, somehow you appear before people as one “trusted and competent” to deliver desired expectation. Such level of packaging do not just come easily. It must be prioritized and consciously pursued to give you that ideal physical image that will rule your world. This is how you can achieve this:
1. Do not be rigid with people, just be flexible.
2. Stay consciously alert the first ten minutes you encounter someone for the first time. Watch your actions and package your words rightly.
3. Do not speak just in words, speak in volumes of pictures.
4. Listen attentively to the person as he or she speaks, and maintain eye ball to eye ball communication.
5. During introduction, use not just words to express yourself, use your entire physical being but in a controlled manner to create a last memory in people mind.
6. Don’t fiddle with an object when talking, except for purpose of enhancing meaning of your choice “words” and “concept” for discussion.
7. Dress comfortably and smartly on your first encounter with important people. Especially, for a business meeting.
8. Have preconceived plan on how to maximize every event that you are meeting people for the first time.

1. Ask for the name of person you are about meeting in advance via a phone call or e-mail.
2. Always find a way to the person’s name as you express your ideas, thoughts and opinions. This inspires confidence in people and motivates them to stick longer with you than necessary.
3. If the meeting is impromptu, write down the name on a piece of paper or a top a file or diary. Address him or her often by his/her name. People’s names are the sweetest noise or note they can hear from afar or even in sub-conscious state.
4. Retain the name on your lips; call it softly or loudly with air of sublime importance to keep the person’s focus on you.
5. When the meeting is over, it is appropriate to call out people’s name as you shake their hands to go. Remember, to hold their hands tightly, softly and gently smile into their face.

1. For men, shake hands palm to palm or fingers to fingers. And for ladies, shake with one hand, and parts gently on the shoulder with the other hand.
2. If you want to convey additional message hold hand bit longer than duty required.
3. Hold ladies hand warmly and softly. Please, do not squeeze any matter how tempted.
4. Brightening your face with a smile as you shake hands, and do not retrieve your hands forcefully, especially when the other party wants to hold hand bit longer.
5. Add soft and sincere flatter as you shake hands. Example, “Mine, you look quite gorgeous in this apron, what is your name? Is a pleasure to met you”
6. Do not reject hug in the place of handshake, especially, if the other party initiated it.
7. Respect the other person’s space preference. Don’t force yourself on people if they show sign of resentment.

1. Stand without blocking someone’s way, and do not stand akimbo. Relax yourself, but do not lean against any support.
2. Depending on the nature of the occasion, you can dig two or one hand into pocket to psyche up your balance.
3. While standing, do not pull your hands behind as this project into the other parts a different note or meaning.
4. Keep your body relax, stand with a professional posture and keep eyes and head at level.

1. Always watch out for an appropriate time to slot a humour or humorous gesture.
2. Respect people’s opinion and idea.
3. Use proverbs and riddles when necessary. It should not last beyond 30seconds, but it speak for ages in the minds of people.

1. Do not sit and relax your weight on the chair to avoid executive nap in-between.
2. Sit comfortable, balance and keep your head in same firm holding as your upper chambers.
3. Sit on the edge of the chair to give complete attention to the person before you.
4. If it is interview, it is advisable you sit cross your legs and rest both hands on top of your lap close to the knees.

1. If you have all eyes on you as the central figure, then, people expects touch from you. Not harassment.
2. Touch is a vital way of communication to build strong bond.
3. Don’t forget, while touching people-touch with visible compassion of heart and finger.
4. Fingering is not same thing as touching.
5. It is not caressing, seduction, and squeezing. Keep all this apart. It is a physical contact in a flash of nano-second.
6. Touch male and female in same manner of purpose.
7. Good touch goes with a complementary warmth facial expression, tone of voice and words.
8. Don’t touch people from behind, especially the female.

1. Except it is a sexual touch, it is advisable you respond to touch with aplomb ease.
2. Touching is not letting your guards down; instead it adds more to your person. Just receive it as a precious gift, don’t attempt to dissect its ambiguity.
3. Make yourself touchable as people wants to fees your pulse, your metallic confidence and witness your sincerity.
4. For sure, the opposite sex may touch you sexually, but do not take it up as a case. Only try to avoid the particular person next time etc.

1. Hugging is the strongest medium of communicating deep affection, deep acceptance and sincere bonding.
2. Prepare for hugging to avoid embarrassment in a corporate meeting. Just anyone can initiate it and also determine when to end it; so long it is not sexual seduction.
3. Drop your allergy and inhibition. Hugging is medicinal to the mind. Don’t forget, babies do not complain about it, rather uses it to keep body and mental balance. (See a baby that lacked hugging, you will write a horrible thesis).
4. Be smart to throw your face side ways on the other person’s shoulder to avoid breathing into his/her face. Do not allow your nose or lips brush against the other person’s nose or lips.
5. Do not disengage forcefully except, if it becoming sexual.

Your packaging should not point people to:
1. Your background
2. Your mistakes
3. Your experiences
4. Your lost opportunities
5. Your lost relationships
6. Your weakness or inhibitions
7. Your allergies
8. Where you are trying to run away from etc

Your packaging should point people to:
1. Your future
2. Relationship you want or wish to be
3. Place you want to go to
4. Challenges you want to conquer
5. Limitations you want to overcome
6. People you want to work with
7. Journey that is ahead of you
8. Goals, values and projects that you are chasing after etc.

What makes for any man’s greatness is in the future and not in the past. It is therefore, far better to re-package yourself for the future and off load your past into antiquity.
Remember, packaging is identity and your identity is perceived by others as your image. Your packaging unleashes your vector forces as:
Who are are?
What you do?
How you do it?
Where you do it?

Your packaging is responsible for what you eat on earth. The totality of what you experience as breakthrough on earth is cleverly tugged into your packaging. Leopard has its own packaging; python has its own packaging. Eagle has its own packaging. What is your own packaging? Find it out and build your cutting edge brand and command that unfair advantage in the marketplace today.


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