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The Trade is one who sells goods or services to the consumer on receiving money. It is the duty of the merchants and the traders to provide quality goods for the price paid by the consumer.
Vision statement on the one hand stretches the boundaries and direction about how employees are to conduct themselves, and on the other hand stimulates them to put in their best.
Jakarta - XL Axiata, a subsidiary of Axis Capital Group and one of the biggest telecommunications network in Indonesia has been in the rocks in 2014
Starting your nursery can seem like a tall order, but working with children is immensely rewarding and can help you create solid ties with your local community. Nurseries are excellent for helping children acclimatise to their impending school years, from both an educational and socia...
Well, it is a great way to make money, or just to bring in a little extra cash and clean your house out of clutter!
Flexibility in the work place can be a very complex issue; that is, if either company leaders or employees make it so by having heated opinions and attitudes about what is needed and what is done or not done to meet employee needs. In order to avoid problems, many leaders are now atte...
Retiring from the military and looking for a job can be humbling. After a highly successful career where I excelled at nearly every junction of military service, I suddenly was looking for a new place to go every day. When you have spent your entire adult life contributing to the miss...
This was written to give you tips,tricks and techniques to overcome this hurdle in your business.The key of course is to generate targeted traffic.
For those new bloggers and long time bloggers who still looking for ways to increase their blog traffic, I have a some tips for you guys that might help to boost your article views up. This is based from my experience plus with the help of fellow bloggers.
An article based on the request created to the WikiNut users to stretch their overwhelming support to my newly opened online academy. Hope to receive a Positive Response.
You can see how social media tracking can only be good for your business and help make sure your advertising is always fresh, appealing to the masses, and reaching your demographic. Knowing where your traffic is coming for and who they are can make a world of difference in the way you...
This page is reveiwing 5 ways to make money online without spending a dime or kobo
These days, it's not practical to have a marketing model that doesn't include social media networks. Unless you live across the street from your only customer, social media is where your prospective clients are, and you need to reach them.
When things get complicated, seek simple solutions that are realistic instead of complicated ones that are fantastic like glorified Rube Goldberg cartoons made into "real life". Earth one is here and now, Cloud Nine is the fantastic land that escapes here and now. Which will you choos...
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