Let's Get Even with Office Bullies

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Few tips to deal with office bullies without losing your cool, heal your self-esteem, boost your confident, and develop mental immunity against bullies. These tips are for those who waiting for new job offer.

Why you still need to deal with them?

The thing is you realized that you've been bullied. You've raised the issue with appropriate people at the office but nothing favorable comes up. You've sent your resume out to prospective employers and you are waitng for their reply. During this time, you still need to deal with office bullies.

Though hardly getting physical, bullying effects you in the inside. It hurts your spirit and unsettle your mood, and sooner or later, cost your mental health. You need you guard yourselves mentally against any action that can cost your mental stability and health. Afterall, no new employer is going to employ a depressed and unenthusiastic person.

These are some strategies to guard you against office bullies while you are waiting for the result of the interview.

Stick with the Crowd

To be in number helps. The bigger group the better. When you are in the group, try to blend in. Make yourselves hard to notice. Stand in the middle. Always engage in a conversation with more than two people at a time. Although bullies enjoy humiliating victims in public, the number makes it difficult for him/her to reach you, especially if he/she hardly sees you.

Talk to Others about your Experience

Although most companies already have policy against office bullying, many still don't. If you are happened to be in the second lot, tallking about your experience might not generate the outcomes you want. But it is important that you find support. Talk to others outside your present work place.

Get connected to victims online. Share your experience. Listen to others' experience. Recieve and give support from/to other victims.

Join a Meditation Class and Do it Regularly

Get in touch with your inner self. You' va been abused and your inner self is suffering. Listen to your silenced cries and console yourself. When you are angry and depressed, your judgment is clouded and your mind only focus on the pain. Your reaction and decision taken is based on pain and anger. Meditation brings peace into your mind and generates clear thinking, patience, and preservarence. With clarity of mind, you make decision faster and better.

People doing meditation are usually loaded with positive thinking. Surround yourselves with people who think you can achieve anything. Use their positive enegy to heal your self-esteem and self confidence.

Record Everything

Nowadays almost everybody has a recording device or camera on their mobile phone. When you are bullied, used the device. If you don't have it, make a written record. Those records can be handy when you decided to pursue legal means.

Visit the Legal Aid Center

Find out where whe nearest legal aid center. Have a chat with a legal staff. They are the best to share your experience. Seek their legal counsel on what best to do. Most bullies are slick and manipulative, let lawyers deal with them.

In the Nutshell

In short, even when you are waiting for a new job, you need to get active. Take 100% of responsibility to your wellbeing. Being mentally and physically healthy is your top priority. Afterall, you want to be a star at your new work place.

Dealing with office bullies can be done without losing your cool. If you do it right, you can boost your confidence at the same time.


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author avatar Set Free
8th Aug 2011 (#)

Awesome tips especially meditation. I use mediation. A mediator will send a letter to the bully and keep the letter sent on file. The letter will be on legal letterhead and request the bully come into the mediators office for a talk with the victim and the mediator. To see what the problem is. I did this and the bully never showed up but they decided to leave me alone. Meditation is great for peace of mind. I use one line from my favorite scripture. Good suggestion. We all are deserving of peace my friend. Lovely article and very empowering.

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author avatar Set Free
8th Aug 2011 (#)

Mediators are trained to settle disputes before the case hits the courts. It's a fairly new field. You could even train for it. Training is not long.

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author avatar aimera
9th Aug 2011 (#)

Mediation is a good idea. It's relatively cheaper than a law suit and quite effective. The success is empowering.

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author avatar Steve Kinsman
8th Aug 2011 (#)

Good article aimera - the thing to rmember about office bullies is that they project their own distress patterns and their own self loathing out to others. What they do is never about you - it's always about their own self hatred. When they do what they do, we can't allow ourselves to take it on.

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author avatar aimera
9th Aug 2011 (#)

Agree! The truth is when they point a finger at you, they have three fingers pointed at themselves.

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author avatar Retired
15th Aug 2011 (#)

I have been through this and have to say the tips do help but sometimes to get to the bottom if this you need to give them the dose of their own medicine and document the same with the authorities.
I documented mine with the lawyers and cops...

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author avatar aimera
2nd Jun 2013 (#)

That's good. Organizations are at loss if they don't act against office bullies.

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